Which pump to choose


looking in which pump to get my insurance approves medtronic 640 or animas vibe can anyone please help which is better and in which ways i have to decide by next week


Animas is waterproof
Medtronic can load 300U and Animas can only load 200.


640 is also waterproof. All pumps essentially do the same thing. Ive had both an Animas Vibe and currently a 630G and I personally prefer the 630G. I like it because of its much more modern display, and changing sets is a bit easier with Medtronic quick sets.

Just my .02


Hmm, seems like there’s a couple things to consider.
Medtronic’s biggest selling point right now is for the 670G. This is because of its improved CGM as well as the new closed loop hybrid system. This is a new technology that allows your pump to adjust doseage based on your CGM readings. While you still need to input carbs you eat, this will should make the pump better at adapting to changes and easier to manage,
If your insurance will only cover the 640G, you may want to talk to medtronic to see if there’s any possibility to upgrade to a 670G later (they haven’t fully released this pump anyways).
As for the Animas, I’ve always heard good things. I would say that there had previously been a lot of people saying that the Dexcom CGM that goes with the Animas was better than anything Medtronic has, but I think the new Enlite CGM that Medtronic came out with is available with the 640G and I’ve heard a lot of good feedback on that.
If I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t worry too much between those two choices as they seem pretty close on par.


Ahhh … I forgot the 640 is waterproof. But, I still don’t think Animas can be loaded with 300U which is important for those


Last week a Dexcom sales person told me that there are a lot of Medtronic pumpers using the Dexcom CGM.