Which Pump?

Hey guys. I have decided to go on an insulin pump next year - big step for me!

I asked my nurse educator for some info and she gave me info on 3 pumps.

One is called an Omni Pod. She said it’s relatively new and she has not seen or used it yet. Basically, I think the draw of it is that there is no “tubing”.

The other is a Paradigm Real Time - I like that it has CGM with it.

The final one is a Animas 2020. I really liked the display on this one.

Since I’m new to this and you all would know more - can I get your opinion on any of these, good and bad? Also, I have Cigna Insurance - anyone with that who knows what and if they cover pumps - I’d love to hear from you too.

Hey katrina i just began pumping on 7-23-07 and I am using the Animas 2020 pump. I also looked in to the onmipod but the size of the pod itself I found to be a bit bulky for me. I wasn’t sure how it was going to be having this tubing always hanging on me but it has been the best desicion that I have made in regards to my diabetes care. I was dx in 6-2002 and taking shots since this has really been a blessing for me. I wish you all the luck in making your desicision but just taking that first step will be worth it. Thomas

Hi katrina,

I’m going through the same process. I reviewed the Animas 2020 on my blog. You can read about it at http://srirambala.com/?p=262 . Read the comments too. There’s some good information and feedback. You should also look at the Cozmore. i am starting a trial today, and I’ll review it on my blog in a few days.

Also look at http://www.diabetesnet.com/diabetes_technology/insulin_pump_models.php They have a good table comparing all the insulin pumps out there.

I would suggest requesting trials from the representatives of the pump makers to see what suits you first, before making a choice.

Best of luck

Thomas - thanks for your feedback. I was told that the Omni Pod had a small pod (is that the thing that is attached to you?) but the little PDA type thing that comes with it was rather bulky. So, you found the actual pod itself to be bulky? They tout it as very small in the info I was given.

I am leaning towards the Aniamas 2020 - I really like the display on it.

I was dx back in 1986 and am hoping this helps me out a lot in my care. Thanks again!

When you say trial - do they actually give me one to use and help me set the bolus and all of that? I know with the Omni Pod, I read that you can take it home to wear it, but there is a saline solution only in it - it’s just to get you used to wearing the thing.

Thanks for the links - I’m going there now!

Hi Katrina - I too would recommend looking at both the Cozmo and the Animas 2020. I wore the Cozmo for 4 years and just switched about a month ago to the Animas 2020. Both are fantastic and both have a food database built in. The Cozmo has a couple features that the Animas doesn’t have but the Animas is far less bulky that the Cozmo - especially when you use it with the clip. That was really important to me and isn’t something I was really looking at when I first got a pump. Both are fantastic choices though - I was/am very happy with both. I checked out the OmniPod recently and also found the actual pod to be a bit bulky (but i didn’t actually used it so can’t comment too much). For glowing reviews on it though you should check out Kelly Close’s discussion on her website www.diatribe.com - it’s actually in the last issue not the current one but I believe you should be able to access the archives. Good luck with your decision!

Hi Katrina -

I’m not on a pump yet, but I decided on the Minimed 522. I, too, loved that Animas display, but I chose Minimed because of the integrated CGMS option. I hear that more and more insurance companies are paying for CGMs. If this happens within the next 4 years, I can just get the Minimed Real-time and have only 1 thing to clip to the pants rather than a pump and a CGM receiver. Just a thought.

Oh, and you’ll want to look at what pumps your insurance covers and how much you’ll have to pay out of pocket for each. This, unfortunately, could be a deal breaker on certain pumps.

I currently use the minimed paradigm and so far so good. I’ve been using it now for a little over a year (I think?) and it is such a great improvement over injections, both in control and comfort. The really exciting thing about the minimed line is the integrated continuous monitoring ability. My insurance isn’t on board yet, but when they are, this is going to be a fantastic upgrade.

Good luck with your decision!

I think since one of my issues would be size, that is the first factor that I am looking at. I am going to have to see the Omni Pod and see how big the pod is, since they keep talking about how small it is and you are the third person to tell me otherwise.

You are right - it gets a glowing review on diatribe. So much so, in the folder with all of the Omni Pod’s info, the reps actually put her whole review in there. lol

I am scared to even find out what Cigna covers, but I am going to bite the bullet tomorrow. lol The Paradigm has CGM too, but it’s with a Freestyle built in meter and I currently use (and am happy with) my One Touch.

I’m glad you have found a pump that you like. Hopefully, I can find one soon!


Yup. They give you a real pump that you try out from a few days with saline (they cannot let you use insulin because of liability, and besides, you are better off using the pump after training).

Animas and Deltec (they make the Cozmo) gave me pumps to try out for 3 to 4 days. I just got the Cozmo pump, and am getting familiar with the device. Medtronic did not give me a device for trial. They met with me and let me examine the pump and ask questions. They mentioned liability as the reason for not doing trials.

Also - the pump companies have a form you can fill out that lets them figure out what your coverage is. I did that with Animas before I even decided to go with them. One more thing - I think others have said this, but I would strongly recommend meeting with a pump representative for each of the pumps you are considering before you make a decision. They will come to you and show you how the pump works (at least they do around me but i live in a city). It makes it much easier to decide if you can actually touch and look at the actual device and see how it handles. You should also find out if the other pumps are going to have a CGM upgrade in the future if that is important to you (and whether that is something that the pump you get will be able to be upgraded to).

I have not seen the Omipod either, so I can not really comment on size, there are some videos on youtube, from a guy that has the Omipod, you might want to check them out, his username is http://www.youtube.com/user/cyclicpitcher.

Hi Katrina,

I’m looking at pumps too at the moment and have narrowed them all down to Medtronic or Animas, but I live in the UK the 2020 has not arrived in the UK yet but Johnson and Johnson have told me that it will be soon (before xmas). If it arrives soon (Nov) I think I would go for it or at least try and see one, I also found out that One Touch with Medtronic are developing a GM that will beam the BG results to the pump to help reduce costs on CGM units. So all in all its still both pumps but if the 2020 is not going to arrive before Xmas then then it illbe the Medtronic for me… Let us know which one you go for.


Hey Katrina,

I just started on the Minimed 522 a month ago. I also have Cigna and they didn’t give me too many problems. I had to attend a “diabetes education program” in order to qualify, but it was no big deal.

My pump decision was between Minimed and Animas. The Animas is pretty sleek looking, but the idea of having an integrated CGMS was too temping to pass up (especially with more insurance companies covering it).

I was able to wear the Minimed for a saline trial to see whether the tubing would be an issue for me. Ask your local rep - I think it varies by area. As for the pod, I think the actual “pod” is rather bulky and hard to hid under form-fitting clothing, but everyone is different. Good luck with your decision. Let me know if you have any questions!