Which report do you use?

I’m a month into using the Dex and need to print some reports for my doctor. I have no idea which reports will be useful to my doctor (and his office staff has no clue about anything related to the Dex) or for myself. Does anyone have advice on which reports they find most helpful? Does your doctor prefer one particular kind of report?

Thanks for your help!

I like the Dex hourly average report - I think that one is useful for seeing common trends - I usually include at least two weeks in the averages.

The success report is also very good if you have enough history. You are too early into using the Dex, but keep that in mind as well. Agree with ClumsyChemist that the hourly is great for trend data…I use that to make basal adjustments if I see consistent patterns where I’m too high or low.

My BG levels do not follow regular trends except for ther morning rise when I get up. I like the Glucose Distribution report because that answers the BIG question, “How well am I controling my BG levels?” This is the report that analyses the % of time in each BG range. My high is set at 140 and my low is set at 80. The idea is to max time between 80 and 140, and min the time outside these limits. There are also pie charts to indicate daily patterns.


Absolutely use the hourly trend graph (statistics listed below). You can pick 2 weeks or 3 months and see the averages in a 24 hour time frame. It makes it easy to see if there are problem spots or trends by time of day. And, yo ucan see the actual averages and variability by hour of day as well.