Improving the Glucose Trend report

The Glucose Trend report gives a good picture of past performance. It is currently divided into six-hour segments (12 a.m., 6 a.m., 12 p.m. and 6 p.m.). Now that the Events feature has been added it would be helpful to have a time indicator that is more finely graduated, f.ex. hour by hour. The printable Glucose Trend report is generated in MS Word and the MS Word file can easily be converted to an MS Excel file. Has anybody figured out how to have Excel generate the finer hour-by-hour grid?

If someone figures it out I'd love to know how!

I still don't understand why Dexcom does not let us see on the receiver, the history of events.

The data is there, why not be able to go back a few days and check any events that you have entered.

And even the Glucose Trend, when printed does not give numbers. It only puts the symbol for the event.

Isaac: I agree -- you can click on the event symbol and read how many carbs, how much insulin, etc, but why notprint that info on the report? Depending on what kind of feedback we get on this and related issues I would be prepared to draft a RFE (Requenst for Enhacements) to Dexcom.


Thank you.

I know that I can click on the symbol. I actually do it and type it under the picture for my Endo. I print 3 months worth and take it to my Endo. But why? Why not have the option to print the info. If I make a chart in Excel, it will give me the option to add the number on top of the bar.

And why shouldn't I be able to see how many units I injected four hours ago? Or find out exactly how many hours it has been since my last injection, when I am not next to a computer.

Dex already has all this info in the receiver. How hard is it to make it accessible?

We are not talking about new technology or discovery that Dexcom has to make.

You can see the individual readings in the Glucose Trend view, every single 5-minute reading. Just Click and drag (a red line will appear) to highlight a section you want to 'zoom in' on. As you hover over a 'dot', you will see the date/time/BG value. You can also easily see the meter BGs entered. A scroll bar will also be available to go forward or back.

Under Tools, there is an Export option, and then can import the 'raw' data into excel, where you can create any type of graph you want.

Another cool feature is under the Tool menu, where you can 'turn on' Show Data Gap. I was amazed how many times I 'missed' a reading or 2, as it will show as vertical bars on the Glucose Trend report.

Many thanks for that input. I am a 74-year old certifiable techno-peasant so it will take me some time and fiddling around, but your info is right in the bull's eye. It would be helpful if Dexcom issued more detailed documentation on these features.