Who does the majority of D care in your home?


Just curious. I am a stay at home mom so I do probably 95% of the D care for my daughter. Is it like this with every family?


I am a full time working mom of three and I would say that (other than during a school time) I typically do 95% of care taking and since my husband moved (ahead) to another state back in mid-April, I do 100% of care right now :frowning:
I wish it wasn’t like that, but that’s just the way things tend to run in my house… (don’t tell my husband I said that, LOL), but it’s true.
I used to get mad and it made me unhappy, but then I realized that who else but me would do a better job anyway, so I am ok with that now. It’s just another daily routine I have.


I do atleast 95% of the care. I too stay at home. I also homeschool. Sometimes I get really frustrated that my dh doesn’t help. I feel disrespected that he doesn’t even take an interest in knowing how to change a pump set. There are times I just go mad! But in a calm state of mind I realize that the control freak in me doesn’t want it any other way! :slight_smile:


I am a single mother - but now that my daughter is 12, I am expecting her to be responsible for most of her care. She does a great job, too!

I know what you’re saying, though, my boyfriend (of almost 5 years) hasn’t learned the details of diabetes care at all!


My husband does the infusion site changes and downloads the pump info. He also makes lunches in the morning so he adds up carbs and puts it on a little note in her lunch. We both go to the endo appointments and he has started taking her to get her lab work done since he drops the kids off at school in the morning and we’ve been doing labs before school lately. So I guess really he does most of it. He also does the middle of the night testing. I’m a bit of an insomniac so it’s easier for him to do it. But I check in with her about what her numbers were like at school, I make dinner and measure and proportion out her food, count carbs, etc. My husband and I discuss trends and decide together when and how much to change her basal rates. So we’re both engaged in our daughter’s d-care. And despite the fact that he does the infusion site changes every few days I almost feel like I do more of the day to day stuff So it’s maybe 60/40 him?


During the week, My husband is the one who is in charge of morning blood check/insulin shot/ and breakfast. He also takes care of D through the day incuding lunch when he is off work otherwise his parents watch Olivia during the day and take care of D. I’m in charge of evening blood checks/insulin shots/ and dinner. We take turns with bedtime snack/shot. I do the checks in the middle of the night (midnight and 3am) On weekends, My husband still takes care of the morning, but then I do the rest. So I guess we are pretty much 50-50!


I do about 85% of Ocean diabetes care but come the end of November I am going on a cruise for my sisters wedding and he will have to do all of it. I am a bit nervous but I am sure he will be ok.


In our home, I do about 98% of diabetes care. I work part time. It gets frustrating since dh is diabetic too and most problems occur when he’s “on duty” if I’m out someplace. He actually told me once about 4 months afer her diagnoses that “nobody ever taught me about her diabetes”! I have talked to him about helping out he’s told me that “that’s your job”. Our daughter is 12 and was diagnosed about 1 1/2 years ago and is great about self care, but I still monitor everything and help her with set changes and double checking carb counts.