Who else has found this

http://www.diabetesmellitus-information … abetes.htm
this is around and i’m not sure i believe all the comments.

This is SPAM, SPAM, SPAM. It’s a link to a scam site trying to sell a herbal cure for diabetes.

Can we get some sort of moderator to cancel this thread and ban this poster?


I commented on it as a really unhelpful site.

I may be hypercritical here.

Tudiabetes is supposed to be about content created by a community of people who have diabetes.

When we link to spam/scam websites, we are undoubtedly linking not only to people who don’t have diabetes, but to people who who want to make some bucks by tricking diabetics into buying some herbal cure or selling a resort as being a cure.

The fact that two such links have occurred this morning and are on the tudiabetes homepage really gets me hypercritical. Maybe “pissed off” should be substituted for hypercritical.

True, not all tudiabetes users are very savvy when it comes to telling scam/spam websites from real ones. PT Barnum’s quote “There’s a sucker born every minute” means that I get pissed off every minute when I see someone fall for the scam/spam website.


Let’s keep our emotions in check, and be nice to those who post threads asking about various links… After all, they are here trying to get educated, so eventually, they can help others, too… And NOT fall for anyone’s scams.

The thing is, those who hack others accounts (by password guessing or whatever) to post spam links, use a ruse that sounds exactly like a newbie: “I found (such-and-such-website) can you look at it and tell me what you think?”.

It would be hypercynical to ban linking to other websites as that defeats the purpose of the web. But when we have a really good website like tudiabetes, and its home page has links (either posted by those who are not very savvy, or posted by those who hacked accounts on tudiabetes) to scam websites, we are giving tudiabetes a bad reputation.

It really isn’t possible to make a list of “scam/spam” websites simply because the vast majority of web hits on things like “type 1 diabetes cure” are going to be, by defnition, scam/spam websites. There’s probably a thousand new ones a day.

I understand your concerns… And I invite you to report to the administration (using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page) any concerns regarding spam/spammers/hackers that you might have, instead of replying to someone who could potentially be an innocent regular user to our community, with an angry, personal reply. It gives ‘real’ newbies, and others who may want to join our community, the wrong impression, and it goes against our community’s guidelines and standards.

Ah, thank you for the “Contact us” link, it does indeed have a button for reporting a Spam posting.

I don’t think I had ever actually scrolled to the bottom of the tudiabetes page before :slight_smile:

I agree this is spam and rubbish. I just wanted to point up the pitfalls in the path of newbies looking for help.
i certainly don’t recommend this rubbish. I have replied on the comments, but I suspect my comment won’t make it.

No end of snake oil sites claiming cures & treatments for every disease preying on the hopes & fears of the vulnerable. Diabetes seems to have more than its share of miracle cures because there are so many of us. We’re a huge market to rip off.

If it sounds to good to be true, it is. If it costs $39.95+/month for wonder pills that have a secret ingredient, run. If there are wild, unsubtantiated claims (vague references to clinical trials or lab tests–ha!) & glowing testimonials, delete it.

Interesting how these sites have a similar look. Makes me wonder if they’re all one company with different names.

There is no cure for any type of diabetes. No combo of herbs & supplements is going to restore damaged beta cells, or magically eliminate insulin resistance. No diet or combo of foods will cure either, which isn’t to say you shouldn’t eat healthy foods.

If you have money to spare, donate to diabetes research instead of giving it to these vultures.

Please take your meds or insulin & do careful research to determine what’s best for you.