Who I Am (My Introduction)


My name is Jose and I have type 2 diabetes, I was diagnosed in December 2009. Both my Mom, Dad and second older Brother have diabetes, I knew that I was walking around with a big red target on my back.

For the first two days after I got the news I was in the “why me” mode. I remember one day I was sitting in-front of the computer listening to itunes when “Drive On” by Johnny Cash started playing and for some reason I have never really listened to the lyrics of that songs till that day. It really spoke to me to the point where I started to cry that’s when I decided that I was not going to cripple me or dictate my life, I was going to beat this.

After that I started changing my life style around but not giving up what I use to enjoy like burgers, burritos and pasta all the usual meats and buns got replaced with whole grain and turkey if not chicken and lots of veggies. I started eating organic foods and gluten free products and started watching and counting my calories, I do admit I still have some trouble with portion control but I am getting better.

I also started getting a lot more exercise into my life style working out twice a day for an hour for each workout. I took up biking, walking, running and weights. Ever since I felt a lot different physically.

I am glad that I have had such a great women by my side that has stood by me since the beginning of all of this and went as far as changing her eating habits to make sure that I don’t slip.

With all that said I am proud to say that I have brought down my A1C from my first doctors visit which was at a 10.4 to 7.9 to 5.9 in the short time that I have been diagnosed and I have also went down in pant size.

Hi Jose,
Hello and welcome I seem to be getting such a positive feedback from your writing I cant believe how well you`ve done from 10.4 to 5.9 wow you must have done a lot of work and also to go down a pant size amazing.
I love how you said “I knew that I was walking around with a big red target on my back” but it looks likf your dealing with it all in a positive way and I hope that carries on for the rest of your life.

Great attitude! Look what you have accomplished! Congratulations :slight_smile:

BTW, I am happy that you have a good woman by your side as well…isn’t it wonderful when somebody loves you unconditionally? Yes!

Welcome Jose! Glad to see you here =) Wow…that’s a great accomplishment you got there!

Congrats Jose on a great job! It really is great to have help at home. My other half helps too-eats all the foods I have to eat and even helps me wash all those veggies & fruits that now must be in the house. It was shocking for me too, but had to deal & talk myself thru all the emotions that go with it. Keep strong my friend!!

Thank you all for the kind words … it really means a lot and it’s helping me get more comfortable with people knowing that i have diabetes. i’m happy that i have that special someone by my side and that i found a group of people with such a strong positive force.

Great job! Don’t ever let go of what has driven you to succeed.

Good for you! I was just diagnosed a couple of weeks ago. I hope I can keep up a positive attitude as well. Congrats on your A1C!! That’s awesome!