Who Says this Diabetes thing is all bad! It inspired me to complete a goal of running a half marathon on my 50 birthday

One of the positive things to come out of becoming a t1 diabetic at the age of 46 was to really take hold of what dreams and aspirations I had going forward into the future. I always dreamed of doing a marathon and so I decided for my 50, which is today, I would go for a half marathon. It was a great success. And I will say without the need to prove to myself that diabetes will never stop me from pursuing my physical goals, or any others for that matter, I actually can look upon it as something that has helped me seize the wonderful opportunities out there and to never sya no to myself. Next stop chicago marathon in six months!!!

There u go!!! What a birthday present to urself!!!! Good for u!!

Way to go drsoosie!! See you there!

Great job! Good luck in Chicago.

Less than one week!

I know I can't believe it!!!!! Plus, the weather Gods are on our side. It's supposed to be ideal marathon conditions...YAY! I know we both have trained in the hottest conditions so this should help us make it the last five miles!!!! Tracking your progress I know you are more than ready Dane.

I know you are ready too! Yes, the weather is shaping up to be perfect!

I’m going to suggest meeting everyone at noon at the expo on Saturday…say just inside the main entrance, since I don’t know any landmarks.

I can’t wait!

I agree the weather's looking brilliant. Of course, it is Chicago so the long-term forecasts can be dicey!

Unfortunately noon on Saturday isn't in my cards as we're meeting the guy remodeling our bathroom. I'll be there Friday probably around 1-1:30 in the afternoon. I could do something early Saturday AM, coffee or (more) eating.

I’m up for coffee or breakfast…then I will go to the expo! I still need to meet a friend there at noon so I would be able to do both.

Yes I can do either coffee or breakfast. I think I sent you my cell. Let's for sure try to meet!

I'll see if I run into drsoosie @ the expo but will txt everyone Friday evening w/ a time/ place. The best coffee is probably Intelligentsia on Randolph but we can find another place or go somewhere more "food" oriented than coffee oriented if you want too. Feel free to yelp stuff as there's places pretty much all over the place if you guys are down town.

Acid I defer to your expert taste buds and native lay of the land. You pick and I shall follow....

Well, it’s a big city and while I sort of know where you are at, I’m not sure where Dane’s at. There’s all sorts of places. We still have a week to come up with something!

I’m clear out by O’hare…will take the blue line into town to meet you.

Well, there's places in between there, so you don't have to go so far. You win the adventure prize Dane! For a shindig, I could pick you up and run you in and then you can save the adventure for the way home? Unless you're all in for adventure, in which case the train is pretty entertaining! I'm in Naperville so I have to drive in, 35-45 minutes but it's not that big of a deal to swing out by the airport either, as there's another highway over thataway.

Outstanding.. errrr.. I mean running ;)

Just keep me in the loop!!!

There'll be some outstanding around at the start before we get going, along w/ 45K other people. It's really crazy! I encountered a T1 dude @ the start of the race last year and saw a few others along the way!

I thought you were staying a little bit north of the loop? *k'ching*


Lol your funny! Loop schmoop ...