Whoa Busy Much!

So, this month is going to be a very busy one.
Not only is this the month of my birthday, (JULY 15TH!) :slight_smile:
I’m going to Wisconsin, North Carolina (Outer Banks! <3), and West Virginia (Last year of diabetes camp! D: )
Its gonnaa be soooooo much fun.
Wisconsin= July 4-6
Outer Banks, NC= July 18-25
Hico, WV for camp= July 25-31

And From the 18th through 25th that i’ll be in NC, on the 25th when we leave NC in the am, my family will have to drive me to WV from there to meet my diabetes camp because i’ll miss their departure from Ohio.
So basically, i’ll only be home for about 10 whole days this month! lol.
I’m gonna miss home for those 2 straight weeks i’ll be gone… :frowning:

wow, you’re going to some great places, Carly. have fun!