I have two more days in Taiwan, then a solid 24+ hours of traveling--then I will be home in Wisconsin. Back stateside for 4 weeks, and oh how I'm looking forward to it. I'm a little worried about my diabetes control on the trip--flying does crazy things with time zones and crappy food and long periods of sitting, much inactivity and sheer boredom. At least I'll have my iPod. Thank goodness for that lovely invention.

I leave Thursday morning, and am going to do my best to enjoy all the delicious foods I've been missing without going crazy. I know a Kopp's burger is on the horizon along with some custard--diabetes be damned, I'm going to have a taste! I've been craving a good burger for a long time now. And the cheese and good Mexican food--oh I can see the bloodsugars rising already. I think I'll be okay if I limit myself to just a taste.

Oh, did I mention how I'm going to love seeing my family, too?'s not all about the food. They're more important. It's just that it's 3pm and I haven't eaten lunch yet, so I'm hungry. Bad time to blog about food. :)

There are some wacky videos up on my blog from my weekend trip to Hualien, Taiwan, over att

Until next time,


Have a safe trip, Amylia!