Why all the hoopla about 10K?

I am unsure why all the hoopla about 10 K members? That is nice and all but it gives me the feeling it’s being lauded as a bragging right. It does nothing to help those with of affected by diabetes. Besides aren’t there like 30 million people or more with diabetes? Why not just keep quiet about the number thing?

It is a fair question :slight_smile:
It is not bragging, it it just that we are very happy about it. Still at lot of work ahead but we are proud of what we have accomplished so far as a community, that it all.

There are communities growing faster, communities growing as fast as we are, and smaller great communities. Let’s hope that we get together to all the people that needs or wants to be a part of it.

30 million only in the US… Actually there are more that 250 million people worldwide according to IDF. So, still a lot to do. For sure, we will move on… no worries :wink:

You say bragging, I say celebrating. Why not cheer our growing community?

We’re here because we get something out of our online interactions. That may not help the millions of people with diabetes who are not here, but it certainly helps us. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Plus, how many of us have been moved to attend a support group, reach out to other people with diabetes, write our legislators about health care reform, donate to a diabetes charity, participate in research, or simply gather more data about our own blood sugars and improve them because we’ve joined tudiabetes?

I’ve had a 1.1 percent A1C drop since joining the site. Mostly due to my own hard work, of course. But certainly aided and supported by my online friends. Thanks, all! Sending party balloons and confetti your way.

Sorry didn’t mean to sound like a snob. I just am confused about wanting to celebrate #'s of members I guess.
But I agree it is an awesome site and celebrating is always good :slight_smile:

Why the hoopla? Why not! We have a community of 10k all sharing a disease(personally or through friends and family). We share ideas and help one another, not to mention the motivation to write our legislators about health care reform, participate in research, etc. When something is happening concerning D I usually hear about it here first. When the time comes we will stand together and make a difference in changes being made. 10K as a group certainly will be noticed if we need to take a stand!

Now that we’re 10,000 strong, we’ve got some weight to throw around. Hoping to see the community take a stand representing 10,000 PWD on the issues that effect us all–health care, research, or whatever the members feel is important. Would be nice to see some activism, along with the other important roles Tu D plays.

Gerri, bravo to you! I feel the same way. Let’s see what strength in numbers really can do.

We could be a force to be reckoned with. 10,000 is just a number without harnessing the energy & passion to effect change. We could sit here all day whining about ignorant doctors, inadequate health care, lack of insurance & what good does that do? What about our sisters & brothers in countries where they can’t even get insulin & meters–a travesty!

Yes, look what you and David are doing for Lois…we need TU to stand up for those who can’t do it by themselves! Isn’t that the whole purpose of a community and support foundation. I hope so!

I hope so, too!

What do the members feel is important? Health care, research? Can we advertise TU to get that sort of attention? Good pont , Gerri. This would be a good main page discussion to keep going. Feedback is necessary.

Maybe the admin team could have this as a poll.

Yes This is a great topic! What is important to tudiabetes members - health care reform, diet, insulin, medication, mental health, cure, lack of cure, dollars spent on diabetes products vs research, etc., etc., ?

for me it is celebration of unity…that it only takes one voice to start & grow a community that is not nearly heard from enough in comparison to other diseases…raising awareness is the most important to me and it is such a milestone 10,000 members and growing stronger everyday…so many people worldwide but it starts with a few voices…

I have started a discussion to collect ideas on how to further what we do in the community:

In regards to the “10,000 member hoopla”, I agree with one thing:
We have a LOT more to do. There are 250 million people with diabetes in the world, so still far too many people need to be reached.

However, I feel we all have a big reason to make a big celebration about this as it represents an important milestone in our work to grow the number of people with diabetes that are connected to others (finally), and because the more people we connect, as it has been said before, the more awareness we can raise. As small as 10,000 people is within the sea of people with diabetes in the world, it is a start and one that takes a lot of work and dedication to accomplish.

So, with all due respect, I don’t think that mentioning the number or celebrating the milestone takes away from what is left to do. If anything, not being quiet about it is yet another way to raise diabetes awareness.

I wholeheartedly agree Marcia, Gerri and Robyn:) 10,000 is a milestone because it means 10K of us are coming together to make change happen:) for ourselves as individuals and for us as a community of individuals sharing a disease. Power is always in numbers. Peace to everyone who has built this community…I am so grateful:)

Hi all, there is a discussion open in the forum so we can share specific ideas you may have: Your ideas to further TuDiabetes and reach out to more people

Also I thought it will be great let you know, if you haven’t check it out the effort we are doing with Change Diabetes Now… and our plans to keep raising awareness about diabetes.

It is just a start, but we think it is has potential, and that is part of what the foundation does… a good part of our time as staff goes around organizing this type of activities, we strongly believe they help a lot on accomplishing both of our main goals: connect PWD and raise awareness.

What do you think about it? Please let us know on Your ideas to further TuDiabetes and reach out to more people.


For me, 10k is important because, when I think about the difference this community has made in my life (lower A1c (5.8!!), better control, better choices, self education, and supportive friendships), I can’t help but think that 10,000 better educated, better supported, healthier diabetics out there have ALREADY changed the future. We are a living testament to what online support networks can accomplish. Not only that, but to know that the volunteer manpower hours so many of us put in to keeping the site running and the amazingly helpful and sincere comments our members give one another are paying off with more people wanting to be a part of it makes me so proud of the admins, the foundation, and, most of all, you guys who offer so much in the community.

Gerri, Christine, Robyn, and all others…Hooray for taking a stand!! Now that we are 10,000 plus strong and counting that’s a strong blow to knock down any hurdles in our way because we have each other. I’m celebrating already for the next 10,000 and on. Our voices together is getting stronger that’s what the big fuss is all about. HOORAY!!!