Why do i crave sweet things just before my monthlies?

every month just before my monthies i get this over wellming urge to eat anything sweet & im not just satisfied with one thing i hunt for things to eat this happens for about 2 days the day before & the day i start
can some one tell me how to stop the cravings

i have the same problem but it is a week befor and a week after

I used to have the same problem. Are you able to indulge in some sugar free sweets? I am not sure why this happens, but it seems to happen to just about every woman I know…and if it’s not sweets that they crave it is savories!!!

i think i may have to get some sugar free sweeties

I’m going through something similar right now, but it’s salty + fatty things. I just try to ignore the cravings and hang in there until my next scheduled meal…Mostly successful, but I’ve been eating too many nuts during the past couple of days, so I’m not the best person to advise…

If you can have sugar-free items, some things I like are sugar-free popsicles (20 calories) or sugar-free chocolate pudding (I put some peanut butter on the spoon first, so as to make a more satisfying starch+protein snack). If you include fruit in your way of eating, chopped fruit and plain yogurt (add a little stevia powder or splenda if you want it sweet) helps me. If you include dairy, try making some homemade sugar-free cocoa: heat a cup of milk and add the best quality UNsweetened cocoa powder you can find and a little sweetener (again, stevia or splenda). Another idea: try drinking a cup of tea first before going for a food item. I like Good Earth tea (original), but any flavored, unsweetened tea would work nicely.

I have been told that is because the body is craving magnesium. This is why we crave chocolate most of the time… It is the magnesium in the chocolate that we are needing.

Has anyone tried Raw Chocolate during this time?