Diabetes and Womanhood!

Any tips on eating around “that time of the month”? All I want is chocolate chocolate and more chocolate! Sometimes something salty or even both like white chocolate covered pretzels. Avoiding the cravings during my time of the month is my biggest downfall. Lets not even mention going overoard with it. I have tried the heathier side and it doesnt work. Ive tried celery with peanut butter, whole grain healthy but sweet cereals, trail mixes, you name it and it doesnt work.

What do you do during “your time” that works? Or not? I need HELP!!!

My current answer is smoked almonds and bitter sweet chocolate baking morsels. 18 morsels is 9 grams of carbs - I think that is right - and these are not little chocolate chips. So it can be pretty satisfying and I love the smoked almonds - I eat those at the end of every meal when I’m at home.

I found some dark chocolate squares at Costco. It was an assorted variety bag with squares going from 50% (or was it 60) to 70% cocoa. The 70% ones were something like 17g of carb for 8 squares. Usually 2 squares are enough to satisfy my chocolate craving.

Look down at your feet. Isn’t it nice to have them? Is chocolate better than feet?

This works well for me when I crave things that will adversely affect my diabetes.


I try to eat cashews, peanuts or peanut butter. The 100 calorie snack packs have choc I think they are under 17 carbs.


I consume a bag of the sugar free choc/carmel cream savers hard candy every month! (followed up by an small hand full of mixed nuts…gotta have the sweet & salty!)

Thank you all so much! These are all great tips. The sugar free choc/carmel cream savers hard candy is a great tip because they transport well in the purse! These last few months have been especially hard being under added stress with my mom! Again THANK YOU!

Do you take vitamins? Vitamins (especially B) help with the emotional side of “Aunt Tilly’s” visit.

I understand the “chocolate craving” thing… but there are plenty of sugar free chocolate candies and treats out there.

Sugar free cocoa
sugar free pudding (I’ve been thinking about freezing this)
sugar free chocolate covered almonds by Whitmans candy.

My favorite high chocolate, low carb snack is “fake chocolate pudding”:

small plain yogurt (European style)- approx 6g carb
about 1 tablespoon of pure cocoa- essentially 0 carbs
add sweetner until it tastes good to you (I use a little less than a teaspoon of liquid splenda)

I buy nice and fancy cocoa-- cause good cocoa makes a big difference. This should be baking cocoa, not the Nesquik mixes where they add sugar.

Mmm… off to make one now!!

I agree with the others than some high cocoa dark chocolate (50-70% cocoa) does the trick for me too!


To put it politely, there are about 2-3 days a month where NOTHING will stop my chocolate cravings. Even looking at my nice feet! :wink:

So cocoa is the solution for me! It’s the chocolate without the carbs (see fake pudding recipe below!)

I find making sure I get enough sleep and exercise helps a lot with that time of month in general, and with cravings overall. That said, I keep the most excellent quality chocolate on hand, and will enjoy a square or two of it with a really good cuppa.

This is my favorite snack!!! I was about to post this as an option until I read your post! Do you use the Greek yogurt?

Glad to hear that you love it too :slight_smile: I actually live in Europe (Hungary) and most of the yogurts we get are plain and delicious :slight_smile: But i tried Greek yogurt in the USA too and loved it!!!