Why do I feel so bloated when I haven't eaten much at all

I haven’t eaten very much but feel like I have eaten an elephant and my stomach is distended. What is causing this bloated and full feeling please help

What did you eat? There are a lot of people (who do not have celiac disease) that feel that way from gluten – could be a sensitivity. Also, there are others that have a sensitivity to legumes that can cause similar feelings. Metformin doesn’t usually cause that, but it’s possible it does for you.

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anyway, what I would do is take a broad spectrum probiotic for a couple of months, to get the gut bugs right. feed them with uncooked potato starch powder (resistant starch) and oat bran
If it continues look at a LCHF or a low carb FODMAP

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If you have had diabetes for a long time (and you could have walked around with undiagnosed diabetes for years), you might have gastroparesis. Gastroparesis is delayed stomach emptying and is a type of nerve damage. It can be aggravated by various foods like fiber. Search for “gastroparesis” here and you will find lots of posts. Maybe some of the suggestions will help alleviate your symptoms.

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There are many causes for bloating, including cancer, which I learned a few years ago. But if you’ve recently had other diet or medication changes, they could also be the cause. See link below for more info.

Thanks for the info