Helping family be compliant

Some days it makes me crazy, some days it makes me sneaky, some days I try to be an educator but all days I wonder what to try next!

My family will never get it. I have explained my diet and what I need to do to be healthy but YIKES, they don’t get it and it makes it hard.

Diet is the real bugger. I choose to be no carb/ lo carb because that’s what works. I don’t eat pasta, rice, white potatoes, bread. Very careful and planned on the milk and fruits. But, for me it works. Its my plan. So I send my husband out for a salad – eating in and he wants fast food so I ask him to stop and get a salad at grocery or wherever. And he brings home for me breaded fried mushrooms (but its a veggie, why not – breaded and fried, that’s why not) and a big scoop of applesauce (istn’t that healthy? I don’t want fruit unless its fresh and planned. That isn’t) and a big dollop of ‘dessert’ (really, honey? a scoop of sugar? No thanks)

So I pretend to pause in eating, and as soon as he leaves the room run scrape into the trash. Because telling him this and this and that aren’t good for me, does no good. He’ll just go in the other room and cut a piece of pie and put it in front of me. Rest of family just as bad.

I can handle them eating in front of me – not easy to ignore the smell of food – but Yikes, let me eat without hassle.
Wish List:

  1. understand when I test and let me have that time to myself. all the interruptions make me lose my focus.
  2. I will buy all the groceries you want but understand I will buy all the groceries I need. When asked to pick a place to eat out, it really helps to pick a place with a decent salad and good protein choices.
  3. When we visit someone and I pack my food in case the picnic or dinner doesn’t have good choices for me, please don’t make a big deal out of it. Most hostesses are pretty nice but meetings and such not so much. (I usually request a vegetarian diet and they take care of that with no problem - diabetic request, good luck)
  4. When I do have a treat (small and planned) please don’t jump me and say “See, you CAN eat that” – notice the portion size and recall the last time I ate it. Been awhile, hasn’t it.
  5. When I’m moody from high or low, ask how to help. Be just a little understanding that I don’t see it coming and need support.

So here’s to the family. My great Sabatoge Team.
How to stay strong? How to educate? You’ve got me,
Nobody said diabetes would be easy.


Gosh, I just vented…
Sorry about that. Been a long week.


Who gets credit for the big salad.


That is tough, @Marcia_Skidmore. It’s hard enough to deal with the demands of diabetes, it would sure be nice if you had some allies among family and friends. That is not an unreasonable expectation. Unfortunately, your family and friends just don’t get it and it appears they don’t want to learn.

Maybe it’s time to just accept their incapacity to support you with your eating needs. You seem capable to take care of your needs. Perhaps you can focus on that and enjoy their company for other reasons.

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We all see this from our own individual perspectives. We’re built that way. My family consists of my spouse, who does get it and is considerate in all the ways yours apparently falls down.

My friends and acquaintances . . . different story. You could have been describing them. (For all I know, you were! :laughing: ) So, I do feel your pain. Diabetes is enough of a dead weight to drag around without people climbing on to make it heavier. All we can do is try to educate when opportunity presents, and keep running the race. Only game in town.

@McChesney, hehehehe.

That’s pretty much standard fare for most PWDs. What’s worse, is the other PWD in the house doesn’t want to change his diet, nor my pre-D sister who’s living with us. And there’s no money to get separate groceries for each of us, no room to store it (thanks to my sister’s requirements for a gallon of milk, a gallon of OJ, and five bottles of Vitamin Water taking up most of the room in the fridge), and no room to prepare three separate meals (of which I’M usually the one responsible because everyone else is kitchen-impaired).