Why do some of my socks vanish in the wash

There is a lot of serious talk on TU and rightly so,but in every cloud does have a silver lining,and reading some of the not to serious blogs does make life a little better a chuckle a smile or even a big laugh can do wonders for the mind body and soul,like the joke I heard it goes like this how do you make GOD laugh,tell him your plans,this made me laugh then think mst of at one time plan for our future some achieve there goals while others and I am one of them use to plan and get so discouraged when I did not have an earthly chance of making it,but since my diabetes heart attack prostrate and now gout what use are plans,waking up in a morning is a blessing, I use to be a good planner at work I was once told I was the most level headed person my boss had met I was 17 working in a cut price supermarket in Wednesbury West Midlands it was called Krazy Kuts,crazy name crazy prices part of the Co-operative chain way back in the early 70s.

Or the time my Angel and I got the sack for being inseprable when we should have been working,love does that to you one ![|472x480](upload://w6yYyu9ojWJl0WraVOsjNZL8gkj.jpeg)
day scientists will find a chemical that will stop people falling in love when there is a good thing someone somewhere has to mess with it,or the time I shut my Angels fingers in the car door to this day she reminds me of it we can laugh about it now well not in front of her but at the time my life was a misery for weeks,or the time we had a power cut and I fell down the stairs I could see my Angel was trying not to laugh it is human nature to laugh at others misery and I mean that in a kind way,we English have a good sense of humour bear with me with the spelling wish I was Joe 90 sit in the chair and have the knowledge and brains of anyone who who you wanted,think I might like to be Nostradamas he was a head of his time,I guess sometimes we wish we were someone else well I use to thinking what a great life they have no worries nothing to stand in there way but ours is not to reason why we are here,just to make the most of it while we can,we all leave with things unsaid things undone loking back I have a list as long as my arm,speaking of arms why 2 not 3 or 4 or more,why have our nose where it is,trying to get a jumper on sometimes is a problem especially if you have a nose like mine,think I was intended to be an elephant at birth but someone changed there mind at hte last minute.

Had dinner or is it tea feel a bit bloated no idea of the time no idea well I didn't until I looked at the clock on the lappy waht day it was,Christmas came on a steam roller this year flatering is it one t or 2 who knows do you care,our plans hopes and memories which were water filled still it is a time to celebrate seeing family and thinking of loved ones who have gone and left a path for us to follow when our time comes,you are probably getting bored now with me churning out my woes wills and hopes so let us leave it there, leave you by wishing one and all of you a good 2011 with memories to fill anyone's stocking


And I looked up at the heavens and they looked back at me we both smiled and said that is how life should be.

Happy New Year! I hope and pray that this will be a good year for you and yours! Filled with humour and good health - or at least the ability to laugh at it!

In answer to your question about socks. Washing machines need feeding too! They need socks, preferably one of a pair - and their preference is one of a pair that cannot be matched up to another one, but an ordinary single will have to suffice if none others are available for secret consumption!

My friend and I were discussing it once - what to do with all those odd socks that came out of the washing machine when you KNOW you put in pairs! My friend was looking out of the window in mid winter and mused that the tree, naked at that time of year would look lovely with all those brightly coloured odd socks festooned on its branches!

I have another idea. It is called a Sock Fest. Call all the people in the church to come to a party, bringing all their odd socks - if they can find them - and put them all out on the table and each go around and try and match up the socks that they have with those others that are laid out on the table and take them home!!! Another form of recycling! And you might just get a pair of nice socks that perhaps you have not seen before and would have liked if you had seen them in the shop!

Robin Williams has a bit about socks in the dryer. They cling to the top out of view being very quiet & wait until their person leaves. They then run out the dryer door & out of the house. Doesn’t sound funny without being able to see Robin pantomiming being a sock in hiding. My take is that each missing sock has eloped with one of my missing earrings. Earrings get to the see the world. Socks sadly don’t. Earring entices sock to leave with tales of wonder because earring needs sock for transport. Together they’re having great adventures.

Love the Sock Fest idea.