Who am I

Come on Raymond pull your socks up it seems all my life I have been pulling up one sock or the other trying to be something I never was or could be in a million years it has only been recently very recently that I have stopped trying to be someone else and be myself who am I well nobody really knows not even an Angel who has stood by my side and on occasions held onto me tight to stop me falling into the pit that I have managed to get where I am today,at times it is not a nice place many the time I have thought is all this aggravation that you get from some people really worth it,is it time for a long peaceful sleep but that as i realize now is just throwing in the towel if I can survive a major heart attack diabetes,prostrate gout arthritis and still smile now and then who cares what others think of you,today has been a struggle the heatwave really knocks me about and the gout is so painful I have to fill myself up Worth painkillers but in between all that I have had some wonderful thoughts of our kids and grand children who lets be honest make you feel great again even younger than the mirror suggests.

My body is oozing sweat I have a serious leak somewhere have to keep drinking water otherwise I have been told I can soon dehydrate in this heat even a Camel in the desert might need a cool refreshing drink,I am on water tablets prescribed by the doctor just one of the 14 pills taken each day no wonder my body feels as though it has come from the prehistoric days well it has in a real sense someone had these genes long before me thanks for the struggle to get here see if I can keep them going for a while longer mind you we have two sons three daughters five grandchildren to carry on so in one way I am redundant to requirements according to mother nature.

Back to pulling up your socks we have a washing machine that has a big appetite for socks yes I have lots of socks but not many pairs that are the same where do they go to,answers on a email to twiddlemthumbs he Shire,Angel is calling where are you well love on a beach somewhere with a tall cool drink in one hand and your hand in my other hand watching the clear blue sea washing our toes.

I LOVE YOUR BLOGS!!! Your washing machine likes socks too??? I always blamed it on the dryer! LOL!