Why does my number go up from the time I wake til the time I eat?

Help? I wake in the morning and test. I’m getting a great morning start since adding Lantus to my Humalog.
The problem? I wake and test. My waking number can be anywhere from 125 to 165(LOL! much better than the old 165 to 210!)
Before Lantus my waking number would slowly go down over a couple of hours after waking.
Now my numbers go up? Why? Should I just go ahead and take the 2 units of Lantus when I’m not hungry?
I’m not hungry when I wake. Most of the time I’m not really hungry til around 10 or 11 am. If I take my shots and eat; my numbers will settle down nicely. Still, I’m not hungry/ not drawn to the kitchen other than for thirst. If I need to eat… why doesn’t my brain register hunger?
Thanks for any help that can teach me how to deal with this.

I have the same problem. I finally figured out that it is the continuation of dawn phenomenom. The best thing to do is to eat as early as possible. If I wake up and don’t eat anything for a few hours my numbers will contiue to rise about 10 an hour. Protein works best for me. Sometimes if I eat eggs my numbers will go down.

i had this same problem earlier this week. i woke up and was 59 and didn’t feel toooo bad. i went to work without eating/drinking anything. i tested a hour later before i ate breakfast and was in the low 90’s. it’s a little frustrating but you gotta eat something

Yes, it’s part of the weirdness of the dawn phenomenon. I wake up with great bg levels most everyday but see a rise of up to 45 mg/dl whether I eat breakfast or not. I stick to a low carb protein shake for breakfast but don’t see a drop in bg levels until about 11:00. I’ll try your suggestion Jeannie and try eating my shake first thing to see if that changes anything.

This is true for me also. I have dawn phenom, and until I eat breakfast it just continues to rise.

the dawn phenomena is caused by all of your hormones getting juiced up and running around for the day. one of those is almost the same as glucagon. now i am not prescribing in any way shape or form, but i would think that 2 units of lantus would not hit you until much too late. i would be more tempted to take a correction toward what you bs is going to be. it should be pretty predictable, but start at half what you should correct and work up slowly.
i have a very strong dawn phenomena, and i have been wrestling with it for years, what ended up helping me is splitting my lantus dose. i took half in the morning, and half in the evening, the evening dose was a little stronger in the morning than if i had taken it all in the am… your insulin doses are much more effective if they are smaller anyway. i would not think it absolutely necessary to eat if you can correct effectively

I have this Dawn Phenomenon. I thought I was crazy. Numbers rising for no particilar reason.

I ate only a salad at caesar lunch and my numbers jumped to 175. I used 5 units of Humalog. That meant that I used fast acting insulin to treat a salad. Counter intuitive, at least.

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I tried many things for DP…With the help of a list of possibilities from the great blogger/diabetes advocate David Mendosa, I finally settled on a generous TBSP of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and what we call my “my magical thinking” 3 chugs (out of the bottle) of red wine at bedtime (about 2 ounces)… Have no idea which–or maybe both–might work, but they conquered my DP…

I’m sure there are many amazing scientific members who might explain it, but beware, it may be a simple suggestion that strays into a gray area, even though I have mentioned it in the past…

It is safe too google Mendosa and then DP—He has a long history of experimenting on the subject so we are good!

Trial and error—and keep track of your experiments…You’ll get there!..blessings!