Resurrection from the D Food Graveyard

So I answered pup's "what is in your D food graveyard ?" question with all the things I crave and miss like bagels, pasta, pizza, rice etc. But then I got to thinking, although I miss those foods, I have come up with some creative alternatives to them which make me happy and can come reasonably close to the RIP foods. Here are a few of my favorite things:
"Skinny sushi" from Wegmans. It is sushi rolls without the rice. They use a rice paper sheet wrapped around tuna,salmon,cucumber and avocado. The whole thing has 6 grams of carbs and 150 calories and is delicious.
Tofu noodles while I still have yet to get them the consistency and texture that truly replicates pasta. A combination of boiling and then stir frying comes relatively close to the real thing. With some veggies and meat and a bit of spice they are satisfying without a high carb effects. In fact I believe the ones I use have about 4 grams of digestible carbs in the entire package and are super low calorie as well.
White bread: I have found Sara Lee makes a 45 calorie whole grain bread with a lot of fiber that does not taste like cardboard. In fact toasted or grilled with cheese it is pretty tasty. I think it is called Delightful or something like that.
Pita bread with hummus there are Joseph's Reduced Carb whole wheat, flax and oat bran pitas which are a little flatter than normal but with 8 grams of carbs and 4 grams of fiber and only 60 calories each they are a good alternative. And with some yummy hummus who really cares ?
While I still miss the super fresh super sweet summer peaches, I can always have a slice of watermelon instead.
So what do you use to satisfy your craving even for the foods in your D graveyard ?

honestly i think i have subsituted so manythings i just can't think of anything that i have used to subsitute things but please remember i was dxed at 10 and it's just been my way of life. that watermelon sounds good!

Cauliflower faux potato salad. Use your favorite recipe and sub lightly cooked cauliflower for the potatoes. It really doesn't taste like the real thing but it does taste good, I make it all the time.

That sounds yummy, BadMoon! We substitute egg salad for potato salad. If you leave the egg white pieces a little chunky and use the same flavorings that you would use in potato salad, I don't think I could tell the difference with my eyes closed.

For those of you who are salad lovers (like me!), my alternative to salad dressings is to squeeze lemon juice over your salad then sprinkle with a packet or two of Splenda (or your favorite sweetener). This is something that works for a restaurant salad too when you don't know the carb content of the house dressings. Guilt free!

I heard this on a radio talk show one morning driving in to work and they were talking about the most "successful" weight loss plans. One of the radio hosts said that she learned the lemon juice/sweetener trick when she participated in a weight loss program.

I was really skeptical of the sweetener thing but I like it. Sure beats calorie laden salad dressings with hidden carbs.

Thanks for the tip smileandnod, a friends chickens have started laying more than she can use, after taking several months off, and I currently have lots of eggs.

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

In lieu of rice with stirfry: diced steamed cauliflower.

Oh yeah, cheese "crackers": place a spooful of grated parmesan on parchment paper, sprinkle on some pepper or paprika; microwave for 50 seconds. Ta da! Crispy, salty "crackers"!

I have to say I am not a big fan of substitute foods. I would much rather do one of two things: Either eat a small serving of the real thing (or eat it very occasionally) or else just get used to not eating it; after awhile you don't miss it. The only "substitute food" I do happily use is Unsweetened Almond Milk. it tasted odd at first, but once I saw it would foam I have replaced regular milk and can drink cappuccinos without bolusing. Oh yeah, and as a vegetarian I eat vegie burgers and vegie "sausage" which adds to my breakfast eggs and is only 6 carbs.

Sorry Zoe, I don't like the idea of getting used to not eating anything. And after having D for more than 37 years I am a big fan of substituting lots of foods, kind of like you "substituting" veggie sausage or burgers for the real thing, it's all a matter of choice. And I have to say, I like the idea of a cheese cracker and am definitely going to try Deborah's suggestion. But I have to say, I did not like the taste of unsweetened almond milk and there is still a box of the stuff in my fridge that will be disposed of in the near future. Like I said it is all a matter of choice, and taste but since this is an open forum for discussion, I figured it would be a good one to start.

Just one more example of how we're all different! And yes, it's a great topic because I think I'm in the minority in not liking substitute foods!

I don't like substitute foods, so don't bother. I make my own salad dressings, vinaigrette with olive oil and apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. I also make a whole egg mayonnaise, 2 whole eggs, sunflower oil, vinegar and a teaspoon mustard. Much nicer than any mayonnaise I have ever bought and ok for diabetics. I love cauliflower salad like BadMoon makes, it is especially good if you add a little curry with the mayo. You can roast cauliflower too to have with a roast dinner.

The cheese crispies things works with other cheeses as well... thinly sliced horseradish cheddar done as Deborah described is my favorite!

Try the almond milk whizzed up with some berries and a little sweetener ;)

Lasagna, with lightly fried eggplant slices instead of the pasta. "Spaghetti" and meatballs with spaghetti squash.

I don't consider them substitute foods Zoe, more alternatives ;)

I am on the same page as pastelpainter. I always find that if I make it myself, I have less problems.

Pizza is a great example. My dough takes two cups of flour, water, yeast, salt and 1 tablespoon olive oil. It makes two THIN 10-12 inch pizzas with each piece of crust weighing in 15 carbs. I make them often with no cheese, but can control the cheese easily that I do use. Often in summer I slice beautful ripe tomatoes thinly, salt them a few minutes to remove excess moisture. Then I lay them on the crust, arrange basil leaves and then use a scattering of low fat mozzarella. Best pizza I have ever had and it carb counts about like a sandwich for 2 pieces.

I don't really do too much substitution to be honest, I just monitor what I eat pretty carefully. One of the biggest misnomers I have come across in dealing with other people and diabetes, is that they get shocked if they see me eat something that traditionally would be a "no-no".

If my friend has a birthday, I am going to eat a piece of cake, a small piece, but a piece nonetheless.In college I avoided the ramen-noodle diet fairly well, but new out of college, I am a volunteer with a religious organization, and my roommates and I only get $75 a week to feed three people, which is sometimes really difficult. Avoiding things like pasta and rice is hard, because they are staple items for simple living, and cheap. I combat that by eating vegetables as much as possible and limited my intake of those carbs. I do exercise fairly regularly, and I am coach for the track and field team so what carbs I do eat are worked off.

I make pizza on low carb flat bread and use basil pesto (make it myself) in place of tomato, add goats cheese and thinly sliced red onion. If you can't manage the tomato pesto is very, very good.

Love this thread! I make zucchini pizza - grill sliced zucchini then top with tomato paste herbs & mozzarella and voila! Great for pizza cravings