Why should I change from a dexcom g 5 to dexcom g6

What are the advantages of g6 over g5? Can the g6 be worn as long as the g5, I currently wear the g5 for two week intervals. Are the g6 more expensive than the g5?

Some swear AT the G6 and some are doing fine with it. Take a look at the Facebook group, “DEXCOM G6” and make up your mind regarding whether it is a step forwards, or a step backwards. Personally, Id rather stay on the G5, given what I’ve read about the G6. But that’s me.

So far so good, one week in on the G6 and no problems at all. Seems to be more accurate than the G5 and we have only had a few fingers pricks over the last week during a low. No data loss and the G6 seems to be holding on!

I love the G6 - it is more accurate, it’s slightly thinner and the transmitter lays flatter to my body. And no calibrations is amazing -I love it. It really lasts 10 days!!!

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Did you have a chance in price for the Dexcom G6? I have been paying a flat fee with my insurance so I’m wondering if the cost will go up.


My insurance completely covered it-because it is an advance in treatment, your endo can recommend it.
My pump was out of warranty too, and I am upgrading to the tslim x2, which gets readings from the G 5 and is expected to work with the G 6 soon.


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I’m like 3 days in and already sold! The readings are SPOT ON and I love that I don’t have to calibrate at all. It is also lower profile, so doesn’t snag on things as easy. I’m a believer!

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