Wil Dubois reviews Tandem's Basal-IQ


Sorry. I misunderstood your original comment.

I too am on Medicare and anxiously awaiting G6 approval and he iQ upgrade. Dexcom’s site says Medicare will approve G6 but fudges whether Medicare really has actually approved it.


Just double checked the Dexcom site. It appears the G6 is approved and us Medicare folks will be upgraded from the G5 to the G6 the next time we are due a new transmitter. For me that means an early December.

My training for the Tandem X2: is this Friday so I will ask how I upgrade to iQ after I have the G6.

All-in-all it appears like I get an early Christmas present from Dexcom, Tandem and Medicare.:+1::+1::+1:

Hope your schedule is as good.


Good to hear. I just started a new transmitter so it will be several months


Due to supply issues and working our all of the details, I have heard from several sources that Dexcom will not supply G6 to Medicare users until April, 2019. For the most part, it will happen when it happens…


Dexcom tech told me 2nd quarter,2019.