Which Pump Do You Recommend?

Are there insulin pumps that integrate with a Dexcom G5 CGM? My Medtronic is out of warranty and this pump has worked great for me.

Pump recommendations, please.

Tandem TSlim X2 does


Actually only the older t:slim X2’s communicate with the Dexcom G5. All new X2’s are now shipping with G6.


Strongly recommend Tandem X2. Very good pump and future product features are exciting (Control IQ).

Note: I moved from Medtronic pump to Tandem. No regrets.


That’s what I was afraid of. I reviewed that pump online and I am not comfortable with that level of my control going technology. It scares me.

I’ve been in control for 57 years. Giving that up to HAL is not welcome in my wheelhouse.


Well, the initial release is Basal-IQ.
I personally LOVE this update! It works better with the G6 that it did with the G5.
I am not sure if I will upgrade to the Control-IQ though. I don’t like giving up what my target BG is going to be (I set my target at 85, and Control-IQ is a range from 112 and UP!).

But, the X2 is a really good pump, it works very well with the G5/G6.


100% agree with everything Hammer just said.

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Btw, The update to Basal-IQ helped me lower my A1C from 5.8 to 5.2. And I will say that my diet didn’t really change. The way I dose changed to take advantage of the Basal-IQ. And I run my night time Basals a lot more aggressively, and SAFELY with the Basal-IQ.


You could just turn the Basal IQ feature off if it scares you

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The Basal-IQ works GREAT!
My worry is that if I upgrade to Control-IQ, that I cannot turn it off and use only the Basal-IQ portion.
There are times that I think the Control-IQ would work great for me (like eating pizza, or just going out to eat. Or heavy exercise would be another time the Control-IQ might be really nice to use!)

@hammer I asked the Tandem. Rep at TCOYD about that very situation. I got the feeling that they (the reps) don’t know either. Control IQ will definitely be deployed with Dex G6 though.

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Yeah, and this will be why I will let someone else update their X2 and tell us how it works :wink:

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Why I’m still on g5/xdrip

Tandem tslim x2 does but my new pump will only work with the g6 which I won’t get until I’m forced to. So far you can turn off basal iq on mine anyway, no control IQ there. I would definitely test basal IQ.

Omnipod! I switched from Tandem X2 at the beginning of 2019 and it is awesome. Tubes pump was annoying when getting dressed, going to the bathroom, and sleeping. Also don’t have to worry about it getting caught on door and drawer knobs. My BG has been lower because I used to take my X2 off fit swimming, yoga, etc. I’ve become much better at using temp basal reductions during exercise. Also, the pods are so easy to apply. It auto primes and self inserts the cannula.


I have no doubts that Basal-IQ will be removed and replaced with Control-IQ via a single X2 remote software update. The same X2 update will provide capability for the X2 to connect to the Tandem Mobile App.

The Tandem Mobile App is not yet deployed but likely will be deployed before the next X2 update is ready and pushed out. The X2 does appear to need an update to be able to connect to the (yet to be deployed) Tandem Mobile App.

Certainly I could be wrong. But I don’t think so. If you look at from a business and company perspective, there are so many reasons to remove the Basal-IQ when the Control-IQ is implemented and very little business reason to leave it in place.

If you look at it from a user point of view then certainly it is a different perspective. But this is reality. Who makes the decision here? My way of thinking, it has nothing to do with what I want. It has to do with what I think is the most likely scenario to unfold.

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BEING OVER 60 one of the things in choosing a new pump for me was the ease of reading the data on the screen. I can do that with my Tandem 2x slim.

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I’m curious. If someone is successfully using Basal-IQ and then upgrades to Control-IQ and doesn’t like it, will it be technically feasible to return to the previous Basal-IQ software? I think if Tandem enabled this ability to revert to previous software, it would go a long way toward easing user concern with the Control-IQ upgrade.

I feel 99% confident in my guess that the answer is No.

I like Tandem. One might even call me a fan.
Regardless, I don’t think Tandem cares about this point. Not even a little.


If that attitude comes from confidence that their new software will deliver better performance for almost everybody, then, in a way, they care a lot about what the user will experience.

Tandem has made some great technical decisions in recent years. I’d like to see them run the table with this upgrade.