Will exrays at dentist affect my pump?

Hi!! I just had a quick question. I'll be going to the dentist tommorrow and it's the first time since I have my pump so I was wondering if they do exrays will that hurt my pump? Just thought I'd see if I should disconnect or if it will be ok? Thanks soo much!!!

Not at all, the pump is not affected by the dentist xrays. If you are not sure give you pump manufacture a call.

Leanna , I agree , what S. Woodward is suggesting : NO FEAR …dentist/assistant/hygienist will likely put an " apron " on you before the X-Ray …tuck the pump under the apron …that’s what I do …different for MRI’s and for my mammogram I disconnect .
Be well .

Thanks both of you! I figured that with the apron it would be fine :slight_smile: