MRI and Infusion Sets?!

I'm having a MRI next week, and although I know I need to take off my pump, I'm wondering about my infusion set, as something I read online indicated that "medical patches" left on could cause burns if put through the MRI machine.

Also, about how long do MRIs take? Are we talking minutes or hours? (wondering if I need to bolus in advance of being disconnected for a long time)

Any helpful advice would be appreciated!


I wear my infusion sets in MRI with no trouble. If your set has any metal it may need to be removed. I do not bolus before I disconnect, but it is not a long time in the machine. Good luck with your MRI, I hope you receive good news results.

The pump itself should be taken off, and left completely outside the MRI room. It should not go anywhere near the equipment as strong magnetic fields will likely damage it. This would also apply to the transmitter and the sensor if you wear a CGM.

The infusion site itself is okay to wear as long as its not one with a stainless steel cannula.

As far as bolusing in advance, you can safely be disconnected from your insulin pump for around an hour or so without requiring any additional bolus. Some people prefer to give themselves a bit of a bolus before they disconnect, but that is a matter of personal preference and what works for you. I usually don't need to do this, and just test and correct once I put my pump back on.

The length of time the MRI takes can vary on a number of things, including what you are having the MRI for. I've been in for around 45 minutes for some scans on my shoulder before.

I'd call the MRI place and ask them. : ) Sometimes there is a tiny chance that metal can get hot, but lots of people have metal implants and get MRIs. If you call them they can answer in more detail, more specific to you. They don't mind questions like that. Best wishes!

Thank you everyone, for the helpful info!