Outdoor Activities with insulin

Sorry if this is a repeat of prior discussions, but does anyone have a good idea on how to carry insulin on a bike ride? Also, we are not on a pump yet but how does the insulin not get too hot or cold inside the pump if you our outside for long periods?

Pumpwearinc.com has a product called “frio” that is designed to keep insulin cool. Putting your insulin in that and then in a hard case of some sort (in case of a fall) for you bike ride should work well.
When insulin is in a pump, body temperature normally keeps it warm in the winter. There is a frio pump wallet for hot weather.

I got a small case with re-usable cool gel packs inside a pouch for traveling with insulin at CVS a few years ago. Supposed to work for 8 hours. No way to keep insulin cool in the pump but keep tubing off the body and out of the sun and the pump off the body also…I’d suggest more frequent site changes if your temp or outside temp is hot and a shorter tube set. If your insulin is humalog your body temp is already higher than the suggested insulin temp so keep in mind it will degrade faster in higher heat.

I haven’t had any problems with Insulin going bad… just keep your insulin under your shirt or in a case or something, and you should be okay. Just don’t stay in the sun for hours on end, and be sure to make sure that the insulin isn’t in the direct sun either.

Thanks everyone for the help.

I use the OmniPod pump, the insulin in the pod remains at near body temperature. I suspect this the main reason the pods are designed to last only 3 days.