Woot Woot! Its My Birthday!

Whats up everyone?? Guess what?? Yup! Todays my birthday!!! I’m 15. I’ll be getting my learners permit in 3 days! For today, my friend is comming to get me and take me to her house to hang out for the day. Then tonight we’re going to a concert. The best thing about the concert is I know the band. They’re called Stains of Scarlet. They’re just starting out, so they’re not that big yet. Anyway, I’m waiting to see who calls me first and I dont even have my cell phone with me lol! I want my Papa to call. (thats what I call my grandpa on my dads side.) He’s always fun to talk to.
Oooh! Guess what else?! I got a rat yesterday as a present from my parents! She is SO cute! She’s a baby right now, so she is about as big as a mouse would be. She is a mix of gray and red, and has a white spot on her stomach. I decided to name her Cinnamon. She is such a handful! She likes to get into trouble…haha!
I’m excited!!!

Happy Birthday, Brandi! Have a great time tonight!

Happy Birthday!

Here is wishing a very Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday !!!

Happy (belated) birthday, Brandi!