Word in My Hand


My personal word:


This is how I feel just about everyday....for the last 22 years. I do like knowing I am not the only one. But when there never seems to be a break.....well I could just break.
I mean can't we send in a "Vacation Form" to our pancreas?
Dates__ From: To: How about a WHOLE MONTH! I am personally requesting a Vacation from the madness you create everyday. I would like the time off to get a good nights rest and wake up feeling refreshed. I would like to eat a burger and salad without trying to figure out the darn carbs.
I would like.......... Wishful thinking.... But it is the humor that keeps me going. It is the "ventBlogging" I am able to do. It is others out their that are just as frustrated.


Ah! Time out. I go to Mexcio and my pancreas to Hawaii. I could deal with that. But as my mother always says…consider the alternative. I think I will work hard to keep a quality life. Hang in there.

“We are in this all together, by ourselves.” Lily Tomlin.