Work-Around attempt at loading a picture?

Well, we knew this moment was coming in relation to the hole in my life created by my sister’s passing…

We have a long tradition (decades) of collecting little notes to talk to each other about on our next phone call…Very often from books we were reading----and we were each usually reading several at a time—from short stories by a new author to a much-loved mystery or fantasy author to that period when Paula decided to read her way through the neurology shelf at her local library at the same time she was reading her way through Buddhist texts—which was about when I found Pema Chodron and was trying to figure out dealing with fibromyalgia…

I had started a new little moleskin notebook for this trip in which I jotted down everything, and didn’t think about it until just now as I was adding some notes from “thoughts on a book I am reading”…

But I can’t call her…Still stunned…

Blessings all…

Judith Catterall’s photo.


Phooey. Didn’t work…Sigh. I give up…

well it wasn’t working for me yesterday, but this morning it seems to be. (me not long before my dx)

one thing I think prevents it is the size of the picture. If it’s a picture on your phone, download it as the small size. maybe someone can help you resize it.


So sorry to hear about your loss Judith! Grief is such a hard cost we all end up paying for love, and that we accept the cost willingly doesn’t make it any less painful.

Great picture @MarieB. I love that young woman’s expression. Hopeful, thoughtful, with just a bit of healthy skepticism–what looks to me like “Ok, so you say, but show me.” Not a bad approach to life.

Re image uploading, the system seems to have limits that don’t give you the courtesy of an error message (couldn’t it just say it’s not going to do it, instead of leaving you staring at a spinny thing for half an hour?). I’ve found that it’s much less aggravating to use a free image hosting service and then just copy the link over here. This one works very nicely: Would love to see your picture @Judith_in_Portland if you want to give it a try.


So sorry Judith, I hope you are ok.

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So sorry to hear about your loss, @Judith_in_Portland .

I find the image uploading to be very finicky. I have no idea why it works sometimes and not others. I thought image size, but I’ve tried small images during times it doesn’t work and it doesn’t seem to make any difference. I usually end up giving up or going away and trying again later.

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I hear you, Judith. My brother has been gone for several years now, but there is still the odd moment when I grab the phone to call, and then . . . . oh, yeah. Sigh. :disappointed:

Thinking about you. :hearts:

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I lost my best friend two years ago and I still find myself doing this, too…

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Thanks, @DrBB…That might be just the ticket!..

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Testing @DrBB…here is my sister and her daughter two days before she died…

And here is the same photo thru TuD web option…

And TuD other thingey option…Uploading…


beautiful pic :purple_heart:

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If you scroll down to “hotlink for forums” and click “copy to clipboard” you can paste the image into your post:

Paula Helena 6 22 16
image hosting


And that is a lovely and heartrending image on so many levels, @Judith_in_Portland–thanks for sharing it with us.

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With postimage, can also select “Share” and select the “direct link” which will give you the url “” which is shown below:


MarieB, you haven’t aged much at all! What a lovely photo.

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Judith, your post made me cry a little; after losing both my parents, a beloved first cousin, then his wife, and numerous aunts and uncles, I can only imagine your grief in losing a sister who sounds like she was also your best friend. I don’t have much time for reading other than medical CME and diabetes books, but if you like, I could begin reading one book at a time in tandem with you and we could discuss our thoughts. Not the same as your sister, but maybe better than nothing?.. Love.

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I had a similar issue last night trying to upload a picture as part of a post where I also had written text. What work for me was I replied to the post and only uploaded the picture (no text in the reply). The picture uploaded with no issue. Not sure if it was luck or a possible workaround.

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Big massive hugs dear friend. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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That could be a very helpful tip, @Jim26…Thank you…I still have these sweet photos of her last days I would like to post, so maybe with minimal or no text it might work!..Blessings to you…