has anyone had issues with dating? Do you think it would be easier to go out with a fellow diabetic? i know the chances are slim to find a mate that has the same disease and that you actually like but i wonder if it would make life easier. when im on a date i try to stay away from the topic.maybe a self conscience thing?

I actually could not imagine dating another diabetic. I can understand why some people would like to because it’s nice to have someone who understands. BUT I think that we all have our own approach to diabetes and I would not want someone else to tell me what to do and I feel that comparing blood sugars and degree of control could become competitive (like who is the better diabetic).

BUT I think that it is incredibly important to bring it up with people you date and see how they react. The truth is that you need someone who is understanding and supportive. When my husband and I started dating, I was pretty open with him about diabetes. He says that he felt really honored that I was willing to share with him about this personal stuff when we had only been on a few dates. And then he began learning. Now he knows almost everything about diabetes. I can tell him the blood sugar number and he knows what to do. But he has learned from me and still trusts that I know what is best for me. So he is a support for my diabetes, but not the boss of my diabetes. I think that it is a delicate, but important balance.

He does ask questions sometimes, like if it is good that I am eating this or doing that, but it is just him trying to understand. And if it is actually not a good idea, then I realize it then too!

I think that diabetes can be a good way to make sure that you find a caring person, which you want anyway! So I highly recommend being open about your diabetes when you are ready. If it’s the right person, they will care and want to learn about you and your diabetes!

Hello everyone!

I would think it would be a very good idea to let the other person that you have diabetes. I do understand where you are coming from about not wanting to talk about it. When I was first diagnosed, I really didn’t want to talk about it at all to anyone. But I have grown out of that. I look back on it now and I see that all my friends just wanted to help me out because they care about me. And that is totally okay by me. So I haven’t exactly had a boyfriend before but all of my guy friends know that I am the diabetic kid. Hehehe. But anywho, when I do eventually find a guy he will definitely know I have diabetes. :slight_smile: Britt

i think that it would be much easier to date someone with the same thing that u have becuz u can be urself and not have to worry about any thing else like if someone else would like u if u have diabetes or not.!!! LOL

Hello everyone, just tought id be the first guy to throw his hat in on this topic, haha. I am type 1 diabetic and have been since middle school. I have a girlfriend, who fortunately doesnt suffer from diabetes or any other ailment, but i have asked myself “what i dated a diabetic?” I mean, it would be nice to have someone that knows and understands what your going through, and like Renee says about her son, it would be nice to have someone that you dont have to explain everything too.

Now about my girlfriend, Im open with everyone about my bing diabetic, so when we met she already knew. We’re about to celebrate our anniversary next week, but until recently, she became more concerned for me. It might be because were really happy and know were destined to be together, or because i want to change and take better care of myself, but she really wants to know more about diabetes.

The thing is that when we met, i didnt take good care of myself. We dated for about a month and thats when i began to slip up. Everyone knew i had diabetes, including her, but since i knew how to treat myself, everyone didnt seem to care. We broke up and i dated a few other girls that were also non-diabetics, but we didnt last long together for them to even remotely start to worry about my highs and lows.

Now, im back together with my first girlfriend and everything is just wonderful. She has gotten scared a few times that my blood sugar went low, but i explained to her what happened and what to do. After 11 months of dating and not taking care of myself, i want to change and she wants to learn more about my diabetes. She cares for me and supports me, which is why i love her so much and want to change

I agree with Kristin about the whole everyone has their own approach and being bugged by someone else telling you how to manage it. However, if you think the person has potential I think you should tell them. If they freak out or act weird and treat you like your dying try to explain to them that other then taking shots/medicine and being on a diet your’e just like everyone else. I try to think of diabetes as something I have not something that has me if that makes any sense. So far the only problem I’ve had with dating while diabetic is finding somewhere or something to eat. Recently I went on a first date after being diagnosed and she picked an Italian restaurant. I absolutely love pasta but it spikes me way high. She gave me a funny look when I ordered a salad since that was all I could find on the menu. That’s when it dawned on me that I should tell her I’m type 2. I guess I lucked out because she’s pre-med and so I didn’t have to try to explain it to her like I have to do with the rest of my friends. But I’ve also found out that having diabetes can be quite handy. I’ve noticed that if I find myself waiting on somebody consistently to go eat or whatever; I just tell them my sugar’s getting low and that we need to hurry. You’ll never be late again.

The biggest problem I’ve had concerning my bf of two years is that he gets upset when I overreact when I’m high. “You use diabetes as an excuse!” he says. No, I really do get irritable! Please understand! Other than that, he is amazing and supportive.

I havent had any issues dating, probably because I tell them as soon as possible, even on the 1st date. Either they will be comfortable with it, they wont have a clue and be willing to learn, or they will leave. Ive found 99% of the people I date in the first 2 categories.

I wouldnt say it would be easier to date a diabetic, as I know I can have some raging mood swings with the blood sugar swings but then again I havent dated a diabetic myself.

I’m not interested in somebody who isn’t interested in my disease, therefore I always bring it up on the first date… even if it’s a mood killer. In most cases, I get ‘so you can’t eat sugar?’ as a response…haha
anyways, if they arent interested in my disease then they aren’t interested in me. and that’s that :slight_smile:

I am afraid to tell people i am diabetic sometimes, i think that people will like judge me (cuz they usually do) and think it is some disease that you can catch, and it sometimes gets annoying. I cant even imagine trying to date right now. I am more focused on College. I always wondered what it would be like dating another diabetic, sometimes i think it would be easier cuz they would understand what im going thru, but then again, you have to worry about both of you droppping low or something then. I think life with diabetes is more stressful… but thats me

See I am trying to date someone with diabetes because I went to a diabetic camp once and had a summer fling with a girl and it was fun and we connected unlike something I can do in this world…even though I know it was a fling sence then I havent ever felt that full comfort of knowing that the person im with wants to improve with me our conditions and understands eachothers body like no other…I miss that breef moment of comfort I really do…and I have yet to find anyone with diabetes female of course. So if you know anyone who would like to talk you know where to send them!)

I think the whole thing is that we need to focus on our own health because when I have dated I tend to get distracted


@Jpittman wise beyond words!! Awesomeness!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@cynthia_rogers thank you! I’m not that wise lol but having t1d for 13 yrs has taught me lessons and I still goof up