Recent surgery affecting glucose control

Hello everyone, and thank you in advance for any information you can provide.
I am type 2, taking only Jardiance once a day, not currently using insulin.
I had outpatient surgery a week ago, to remove a bunch of precancerous tissue. (Pathology reports are back and it’s all benign, thank goodness!) My low carb eating plan hasn’t changed, but I’m suddenly unable to control my glucose levels. I’m yo-yo-ing from lows in the 60s to highs in the 200s no matter what I eat or when I do a reading (at waking, and throughout the day before and after meals.) I’ve read that healing from surgery and/or infection can affect glucose levels, but this seems really weird.
Has anyone else had similar issues with glucose levels after surgery?

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yes had rotator cuff surgery and b.g. numbers went up. stress inactivite who knows.

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Yes, I had a number of MRSA infections this year that I believe destabilized my numbers. Although, my numbers destabilize about every 3 months and the system needs to be re-worked, so I can’t be 100% sure about the cause.

Yes,your body needs time to heal. Say you where told you couldn’t work for 4 weeks,I would think by then things should be back to normal. Just watch for infection. Nancy

A very belated thank you to all of you. :slight_smile: