Xbox Fitness

I am the type of person who loves to work my body. I love the feel of a good workout, the stretch and burn of working my muscles, the type of exhaustion that somehow also makes you feel energized and ALIVE! I just love it.

But I am also the type of person who finds it difficult to get up and go. All my health issues keep me knowing I need exercise but also make it difficult and very painful (in a bad way) to do any real physical activity.

So, how do I get and stay motivated and encouraged to work through the pain and find good health and fitness?

One thing I found is through Xbox Fitness. It is a program on Xbox One and Xbox 360, (found in the game center)where you can choose from many workouts, many are free but some you will need to pay for. Choose your workout and do it. You can pick any workout you want to do at any time; keep doing the same one or change it up as often as you like. They offer workout programs for every level, beginners to experts What keeps you motivated to keep coming back and keep giving it your all is the many achievements set for you to reach like:

-time goals (work out for 10 min., work out for 30min, etc.)
-beat your last score
-beat your personal best on - squats, jumping jacks, lunges, etc.

And so many more!

During your workout the program (through Kinect) reads your body heat and tells you when you need to "go lower!", "Dig deep!", "Reach higher!", etc. And also encourages you when you're doing it right, "Keep going!", "Awesome!", "Excellent!", "Perfect!", etc.

The program also keeps track of all your stats like, age, weight, height, heart rate, etc.

You gain badges for your achievements and once you get enough badges you move up to the next level of fitness.

It is an awesome way to keep motivated and encouraged to work harder and keep trying.

Have you tried Xbox Fitness? If not, what keeps you going? How do you stay motivated and encouraged to work harder and keep at it?