Samsung S7 Oreo 8.0 and Dexcom G5

has anyone upgraded to 8.0 and knows if the dexcom app still works?
According to Dexcom list the S7 is only supported until 7.0.
Problem is that my phone wants to update everyday and I have the feeling that the battery drains faster since the update is avaible.

Thanks for your help

I just put Oreo on my S7. For a day it was a disaster. Bluetooth issues, mostly. I finally had to do a Factory Reset. That cured all the issues that emanated from the Oreo update. (I first did a number of other things such as clear system cache, clear data and caches for BT services). Battery life on my S7 is awful. Sometimes I have to carry a Jackery bar with the phone in order not to have a dead phone. I would love it if Samsung comes out with a phone no bigger than an S7 but a bit thicker with a 4000 m/Ah battery. I don’t find thinness to be the end all and be all.

It took more than 5 hours before I got the phone back to mostly how it was set up pre-Factory Reset. And I had even used Samsung Switch. sigh. I HATE doing FR’s.

Thanks for the reply. But Dexcom worked in the end?

I don’t have the Dexcom app (yet). You might try dexcom support and see if they have any tips. Good luck!

OMG. I just called Dexcom–we can now use our smartphones!

I just upgraded. No problems so far, Dexcom App and xDrip working fine

I tried Dexcom on my phone today. I hate it. :slight_smile: No widget to show me glucose and graph on a home screen. No way to transmit readings to my Gear 2 watch. Xdrip+ works great with my watch and I like how customizable it is. readings on the watch are so simple I didn’t even know that xdrip and my watch would work together–it’s simply a matter of going into the Gear Manager and enabling notifications for Xdrip+. xDrip-plus-20180614-c4f10b9.apk is the one I’m using. I accidentally downloaded a different version today because I have a hard time figuring out which one I should be downloading. is the page to get them. It is the June 14th build (last night).

There are 4100 m/Ah THIN batteries for samsung on ebay - You may want to take a look

I recently got a 2100 for my phone for 6 bucks and it works great

I use an modified Dexom app that pushes my readings via openAPS to xDrip.
I would only use xDrip but I don’t know how to get the data to Dexom Clarity. As this is used by my doctor I have no other choice than to use this bridge.
If anyone knows how to get the data from xDrip directly into Clarity I would be verry happy

Are you referring to the cases that hold the phone?

Can’t you get your doctor to be more flexible in his requirements for data reports?? he works for you; not the other way around. Seriously.

I believe some 4100 are twice as thick and require a different deeper back

Most of the 4100 on Ebay are exactly the same size as the stock battery

It will say in the auction

If you are going thru batteries like crazy just buy couple 2100 for backup - 6 bucks - free shipping and the one I got is great

Turning off wifi and gps and phone makes a huge diff in battery life

Screen brightness also

sadly I cant turn off GPS as I’m using Xdrip+. I used to keep it off but not when using Xdrip or it won’t work.

I couldn’t find 4100 batteries that fit inside, when I searched eBay yesterday. do u have a link handy?

Found this - does not say it is double thick

I found a 4100 that was not double thick for my phone - a gal s3 about a month ago on ebay

confused. 3000 mAh is the standard battery, so it wouldn’t be too thick. but I thought u were referring to a 4K mAh batt that will also fit inside an S7?

I thought a 2100 is standard - for my phone anyway

I found a 4100 for my phone standard size

I did not find one for yours - but that does not mean it is not their or will not be next week - it is a kind of a newer phone

I guess I am saying I left the searching up to you and was just making you aware such batteries exist. However, I did look!

Nope, the original batteries are 3000 milliamp hours

OK - live and learn - I got the S3 off ebay for 63 bucks to use NFC with glimp for Libre - behind the times, but it’s a nice phone and suits me!

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