Yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes!

Today is a GREAT day. Just received the letter I have been waiting 5 years for. My acceptance letter to medical school!

Oh wow! Congratulations!

Wow! Good for you! So what are the plans? What type of medicine do you hope to practice?

@Brenda - Pathology, Radiology (Diagnostic, Interventional and/or nuclear medicine) or Oncology (Adult or pediatric)

I know the obvious choice would be endocrinology but after shadowing endos there is no way I can deal with what they put up with.

Congratulations!! I know how hard/ time consuming that is! Maybe I’ll see you there :wink:

Congratulations! I’m so behind on reading my favorite blogs, I’ve missed this one! I am also waiting on an acceptance letter~ but for Acute Care NP in the next 4 weeks. I’m interested in why a deposit for medical students is $100 and for future NP’s is $200… Hmmm, I guess they can assume RN’s aren’t spending 80 hours a week in a lab without salary awaiting medical school (Thank God!). Good Luck!! :slight_smile:

Congratulations. You said you would not do endo, but just wanted to share a story with you.I was 5 when I was diagnosed, in 1960. I am 55. It was terrifying as to the hospital stay,and my parents were numb until the day I had my first doctor visit for treatment at his office. He explained my regimen to me, which at the time was urinalysis 4 times a day. One shot, and no food with sugar, with all food measured. I asked him if I was going to die, and he told me no. I then saw that he had a holder with a syringe in his shirt breast pocket. I asked him what that was, and he told me. I asked him why. He told me he had it too. That one sentence changed my whole life because I felt he understood.And he did. He remained my doctor until I went away to college.Just knowing that he had the same things going on, really helped me immeasurably. That was back in the ice ages of diabetes care. For me, medical care , more than anything is the human touch. When a doctor connects with a patient that is what helps more than anything.

@brownie - Thanks and good luck!

@melinda - I agree. I would totally do endo if I could only work with Type 1’s. I would love that job. The problems is that is such a small part of any endo practice. I would rather work with endos as a personal consultant and meet with the patients on a personal basis rather than have to do everything else the the endos do.


Wow! Dr. Sufu has a nice ring to it!! Congratulations!

Technically it will be dr. dr. Sufu. In 3 months I will have a phd

Some of the 1970s Deutsche Grammophon LPs I used to have had recording engineers who would have multiple PhDs. You can market yourself as the double doc!

Thanks for the reply sufu. I know. I think Type 1’s are only ten percent of the population. My numbers could be really dated however. To me it is just wonderful to have us out there in the universe doing all the things we do. Maybe because as a T1 I have felt so invisible. There is nothing quite like the connection though. I am a lawyer, and have dealings with a mom whose daughter has T1, and boy do we have alot to talk about. So when you are out there you never know how it will all connect.

That is awesome news!! Congrats!!