Where has all the time gone?!

I am hoping to be able to be on here more in the next few weeks. With the end of nursing school coming up and applying for classes to become a nurse practitioner, life has been very busy. Kind of catching myself coming and going. I hope everyone is doing good, and I hope to catch up with yall soon!

A busy life can often be a satisfying one. Congrats on finishing nursing school and your ambition to be a nurse practitioner. We definitely need more medical professionals that “get” diabetes!

Congrats & good luck & nice to hear frm you

Congrats on graduating and going for an NP. Why not just do a combined NP/PhD. Nurses have multiple "careers" within the field now and as you get older, teaching or research may look good to you after several years as an NP. Need a PhD to teach in most undergrad and graduate programs. Harder to stop for that PhD later. Trust me as I know from experience!