Yesterday, Living Cell Technologies announced the successful first implant of its DIABECELL® in Auckland

what is this

There are several posts here about this clinical trial. You can search Tu D for this info.

Here’s their web site

Here is the link for the announcement

I read about this concept a ways back and didn’t think much of it a the time. The whole “let’s transplant healthy cells into a T1’s body” route seems stupid to me and apparently many transplants have been attempted and every time the immune system attack wipes it out unless you take heavy drugs. Like banging your head against a wall every time. I like the concept of Smart Insulin but now with these announcements from Diabecell, I have to check my disgust at the door and admit they are on to something. The permeable barrier thingy they have come up with is clever. Hopefully the implants can be repeated as needed without too much expense and problems.