Yesterday was a lost day

It was such a stupid thing to do. I'm not sure how I managed it. Must have gotten distracted.

Wednesday evening I checked my glucose level and recorded it. But I didn't take my meds. I ate dinner (Chick Pattie, steamed vegetables, a few steak fries). Checked my glucose level before going to bed and it was up 80 points! I saw the number was puzzled why it was so high. Blamed it on the steak fries. And went to bed. When I got up Thursday morning I discovered that my pills for the previous night were still in my pill box. sheesh... That explained my spike.

I felt foggy and yuck. My morning glucose was a bit higher than I want it to be, but I did all my usual stuff. By mid-morning my glucose level swung down 75 points. Ugh! The whole day I felt foggy. I ate small meals/snacks and tested, tested, tested. Over the day my glucose level came back up. I really didn't get anything else done. It took until after dinner before I really felt normal again.

Yesterday was a lost day.

I don't want to loose any more. Ever...

I can totally understand. Happened to me once, I think. My pillbox is now a staple on the kitchen dining table =) so as my “D bag” (containing meter, strips, swabs, pills, etc)
Hope you’re feeling better…

Thanks for the encouraging comments. I am feeling back to normal. Thanks for asking. The was the first, and hopefully the last, time I missed my meds.

Nice to know that I am not the only one out here that can forget to take the meds for the meal. People can’t believe that you could forget something so important, well simply it just happends some times.