You are my cure :)

Hey, I saw a lot of you read my blogs and comment on them so I want to thank all of the ones that have been reading my blogs through all the time I’ve been here in TuDiabetes, It makes me feel very nice!

People like you are the ones that keep me going on without letting Diabetes slow me down, My family plays a big role in my life too specially my mother who has been taking care of me since the very first day. I bet all of you have a person in your life who has changed you and make you feel different, that encouraged you to keep going, to never give up, to see the positive things of this situation and therefore made you find the perfect cure for Diabetes, BEING POSITIVE ABOUT IT!

Tell me who is it! :)

In my case YOU ARE MY CURE, all of the ones who read my blogs, who visit my website and take a moment to message me back, all of the persons that have been helping me since the first day like my mom, my father, My family in general so THANKS! :)


I was quite careless about my control until my kids were born. Suddenly I realized I needed to be healthy and fit so that they can grow up happily. My control went from poor to excellent almost overnight because I went in for the pump and CGM. From HbA1c’s of 7 and above for many years, I’m now at 5.8%.

My kids are my cure :-).

I think it’s too hard for nondiabetics to understand why we have to eat and do all these things. So we have to be our own support systems. So if you don’t give up, I won’t give up.

I feel the same way, although I don’t get near enough time here to post, contribute and help out whenever anyone needs support.

There’s a triad in my life that support me and and help me to keep my marbles intact. Numbers 1 and 2 are a tie - my husband and daughter, who support me without judgement. My husband tirelessly listens to me when I need to bounce ideas and theories off of someone, when I need to work out any D challenges (among other things), or just to rant about things, D-related and in general. Both he and my daughter take charge when I need it, especially when I’m low and tolerate my mood swings when I’m high. Tudiabetes is the third part in the triad - where I can feel part of a caring community with many similar challenges that I face. The group reminds me that I’m not alone in my quest to rise above the big D.

Everyone has someone special to rely on :smiley:

The knowledge and support I’ve recieved from being connected online has been a lifesaver for me.

Thank you for putting your feelings and ideas out there. And when it comes to the one person who’s offered me the most support, it has to be my wife who’s worked hard to know D and what it means in all aspects of my life. But it is largely, too, this family that keeps me plugged in, not isolated. Keep writing, ok?

haha I’ll keep writing :smiley: