You dont need a pump to benefit from DEXCOM 7 PLUS


Just wanted to share how great the Dexcom 7 plus works without need to use alongside a pump. I have used jabs 30 yrs and tried pump but felt extra restriction. Jabs give a certain freedom and combined with Dexcom have just received lowest HBA1C result in all my time as type 1. I live in UK and unlike states only those with severe managemnet issues are put on pump. I was having big problems with inexplained hypos and hypers.

My consultant tried me on pump but reallly my issue was not in changing administrating the insulin but in giving me warnings as to its instability which the Dexcom does fantastically. Big thumbs up for Dexcom.

I second the big big thumbs thumbs up up. I learned so much about what food did to my BG from Dex, I will never eat the same.

My daughter uses the Dexcom 7plus. She is on MDI’s. I use the Dexcom 7plus with the Omnipod. She loves it and my wife loves now that she can sleep at nite.

I just got a Dexcom but no pump and it’s great! Having hypo unawareness it’s perfect for telling me when I’m going low or high. And I think it helps with the carb counting and working with electronics to prepare you if and when you decide to go to a pump too.