You have to bend with the WIND or break

Visited my dad in hospital yesterday it is the first time I had seen him since my heart attack and that was some years ago,he was as I remember him when he was married to mom a fiery couple you could say like chalk and cheese,when they divorced and mom remarried dad moved to Wales met someone else and I hope found happiness once again,I missed him at moms funeral and her second husbands funeral two weeks prior,but life is not always as you would like it and some wounds cut deep and never heal they say blood is thicker than water and perhaps it is I am sure someone will put me right before the ink is dry on this entry.

I always remember dad being on the wrong end of the stick when mom had a mood on her and she let fly with her temper if not at dad then at me, over the years now 64 I have tried to understand why mom was so angry and cross at the slightest thing, but who can understand what another person is going through the pain they are suffering deep inside,having been depressed and still are it does give you a little insight into the dark World of depression loneliness ans sense of despair even being surrounded by family friends and children,our house was filled with children I an one of five a brother and three sisters

mom lost a lot more so we could have really been a big family,but times were different back then,like most folks mom and dad were always short of money and make no mistake trying to bring up five kids as we found out is a struggle every day,my Angel and I were blessed with five all grown up now flew the nest and are making us proud of them every day.

Always remember dad being the gentle one, cannot ever remember him giving me a good hiding or a telling off unlike mom who liked to give me a good bashing at every opportunity,no wonder I turned out like I did,dad worked hard all his life on the buses in a foundry bricking up furnaces so he eared a rest,mom or dad never told us why they divorced well not me anyway and after moms death all the bickering who has what distasteful in a time of grief,after that I kinda cut myself of from the family a mistake of course it was for in the end nothing matters more than family and the one’s you love no matter what happens in life that bond is there no matter how you feel act or ignore it.

So compared to all that has happened in my short span in Paradise diabetes,heart failure,prostrate, gout and all the other things sent to test us,in the sands of time your mom and dad are still your mom and dad,so get well soon dad let you down as a son, and mom where ever you are I still love you.

All any of us can do is the best we can, at the time, and for who we are. I’m sure you did exactly that, probably your parents did as well. Take advantage of this moment, feel good about yourself! Best luck to you, your dad, all your family, and Smudge. January is always a challenge I guess. It would make more sense if the new year started with spring!

Awe, what fails us in Life be it a Parent or… it makes us stronger:) and true you mom and Dad are always your Parents:) and sometimes aside from the pain and hurt the best thing of all is finding Forgiveness in our Hearts for them. We learn by them, and make changes based on our learning and raise our children different, sometimes:)
I am glad you went and saw your Dad, it can give you a good memory to hold on to:)
And I am sure your Mom is a Angel watching over you:) enjoy Life:)