He is back

Allright time to stop and explain for a long absence. I had a family emergency at home that was rather earth shattering for me. I am now the last of my family line, kinda a sobering thought. My mother, my best friend, and co-heart in crime, my mentor, passed away after dealing with cancer for over 15 years. She was into her last round of chemo and it wasn't working. The Dr. said there wasn't anymore to go. Mom told the Dr. she was tired, tired of being sick and tired. No more Chemo. she slowed down and passed away 12 days later. When she told the Dr. I was on the Torch Run but they called and let me know what was going on. I came home to be with her and held her on her last day on earth. Needless to say I went into a kind of depression for a while and unplugged the world while I sorted things out. Still working on that ! But.....

I'm back now, a bit brused and feelings are kinda raw still but he is back. I've got a new puppy, a trip planned and am in the process of kicking some big D butt.

Sorry to hear about your mum Don glad that you was by her side when she needed you the most.
Even though have not spoken to you yet I am happy that your back with us and dealing with it all,small steps each day will get you there.
Lots of hugs and kisses from me to you,feel free to get in touch with me if you need someone to talk to.


My condolences to you. I know like others what it’s like to loose a loved one especially a Mom.

I am glad that you are back. May you Mom be in peace and your heart find it. Kick that D’s butt!

Sorry to hear you lost your mom Don. Glad you are back and starting to sort things out.

There will be many times that you will still feel her presence and these moments come when you least expect them.

So sorry to hear about your Mom, Don…I pray she will be in peace and that God give you strength.

So sorry about your Mom, Don - at least she was able to choose what she wanted to do. I know that is little consolation right now, but it is a good thing. You stay well, get to kicking :-), and glad you are back.

I lost my mom, too. It’s a really deep hurt and very sharp at first. I hope your puppy is giving you some love.

I’m so sorry for your loss. My mom died nearly twelve years ago. Depression is a normal affect at a time like that. I did the opposite of you. I kept really busy at first. Not the best choice looking back. The depression and grieving process hit like a ton of bricks.

Good to know you’re more able to move forward now. Congrats on the puppy. You’ll be good for each other. D butt,my favorite butt to kick. ; > )

Wow…aren’t you so glad to have been able to be there to hold your mother when she needed you.

So great you got to go back and spend her last day with her! My mom passed from cancer too and I kinda lost it for awhile so I know where your coming from. Come on back to us and talk about it.

losing your mother is the most life changing event you can encounter, i believe. im so sorry…its been 12 years since my mother passed and i still catch myself dialing her number to tell her news, or just to chat. lol…they are important people:)