You know you've done too much reading when

You know more about something than a fully educated nurse :smiley:
I called the clinic today to get my test results. I didn’t get all of them, but the ones I got was all within range. And then there was this one test the nurse was unfamiliar with, so I asked her what it was called since I might know it hehe It was the GAD-antibody test! She even asked me if I’m working with medical care because I knew about it LOL The GAD-antibody test and C-peptide tests hasn’t come back yet though. So still can’t completely rule out diabetes as the cause of me feeling the way I do and having those highs. I’m still planning to request a glucose tollerance test though, so they can see how I do spike! I know the A1c indicates the average glucose levels from the previous 2-3 months. And mine was taken just about 1 month after I started noticing the highs. But my highs has as far as I could see while testing, only been after meals. So there might be a possibility those occasional highs doesn’t affect the A1c. So now it will be another week of not knowing… But at least I got a good laugh when I knew the bloodtests and the nurse didn’t! HAHA

That is pretty funny!

What was your A1c?