You resent having diabetes the most, when.....?

I’ve learned to make diabetes a part of my life. Shooting insulin is like brushing my teeth. But There are always some moments when It all just gets to me.

I resent diabetes the most when I work out for an hour, burn 900 calories then have to eat 200 calories worth of carbs to raise a low blood sugar.
How about you?

When I’m at parties, or going out to dinner. I want to be like everyone else & do everything I used to do before being diagnosed.

When other people find out I have diabetes and suddenly they look at me differently and “feel sorry for me”. I just want to scream at them “I’m a normal person!!!”

Strawberry Sundae is in my face and I have to pass…glad that doesn’t happen all the time

When I have worked extremely hard to create something really beautiful, that looks and smells like Heaven, but I can’t have a piece and will not get to know what it tastes like.

I resent it the most when I have a favourite doctor who won’t see people with my insurance anymore. I resent it when I try to get medical stuff for it like the CGMS and it’s now being denied to me because of insurance. It’s not MY Fault I have this crud!

I resent it that I have to constantly think about all this. I can’t just party down with the rest of my work pals eating and joking about but I have to take a taste and then leave, lest I eat too much. I resent it when my toes are going a bit cattywampus after 8 hours on the retail floor, and when my legs cramp up with the wrong shoes.

I certainly deal with it, I’m not stupid, but I resent the h*** out of having to have this.

I resent it when I want to be at family gatherings, and my family will not provide food that I can safely eat.

I resent it when I want to be a student, but can’t because I have no idea how I will afford doctors and test strips (don’t tell me I can get insurance - I’m South African and our system is different).

I resent it when I feel like hell for a week after dealing with wild swings, and can’t function or think straight but am still expected to.

When crossing time zones messes me up for a few days after. Jetlag and diabetes do not mix :frowning:

I don’t resent it at all. I don’t think I would be as healthy as I am without it. I never ever limit myself or say I can’t have that or can’t do that. You have to learn about yourself and how your body reacts when you do or eat certain things. Do I have the answers? No. But I do my best to be good not Godly with my diabetes. I’ve actually felt better every year that I’ve had then I have ever been. I don’t know, I guess I go back to a quote that someone posted on this site a little while back: I am diabetes, if I spend time hating (or resenting) diabetes then I am hating myself. I don’t hate me, I embrace me and everything that comes along with me. I resent speed traps on the highway far more than I have ever resented being diabetic. :slight_smile: Just my two cents.

I resent it most when I have to stop. count carbs. plug it in. THEN I can eat…all while my family is already munching away…

I love that quote. We should all take it to heart.

I resent diabetes the most when I yearn in my heart for a third child and know that I just can’t take that risk with my body! I hate that this disease has limited me from expanding our family as much as I want to, but I feel very blessed to have the two little ones we already have…

I agree with Mike. I do not resent Diabetis…it’s part of who I am. Does it bum me out…sure every now and then, but who does not get bumed by this thing. I’ve got a life to live and have no time to waste resenting the “D”. “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans” ROCK ON !!!

oooooh faaaa! agreed!

resentment is like anger. it only hurts the one who hates. it only keeps us from pressing forward. make peace with imperfection and it’s like opening the door to your own cage. =)

I resent the fact that before I can eat I have to know the amount of carbs in food.Where as my family just pours a bowl of cereal pours milk on top and starts to eat so carefree.BUT, on the other hand I eat more healthy because I know how much fat and fiber is in the foods that I eat.It makes a person more conscious of what they put in their mouths.

when i go out to dinner with my wife and i have to ruin the moment by checking blood sugar levels, injecting insulin, counting carbs, asking the waiter if i have a doubt, etc…


I get the most upset when I’m out with friends and I get low. It make me feel like a burden and I don’t want to ruin other peoples fun because I need to stop somewhere and get some juice or something to bring me up.

Resent and hate are such strong words. Life has so many disappointments, and, in some respects, I am grateful that the life changing condition I have is something that can be addressed and treated, not like some malignant and malicious cancer. But, rephrase the question – what do I wish were different in my life with diabetes?

  1. Having to always watch out for the next low BG
  2. The feeling that I cannot eat anything I want whenever I want without have to worry about BG complications
  3. Like Cathy, having to eat 200 calories of food so my BG does not go low when I exercise
  4. All the equipment and “stuff” I always have to keep with me.

I really don’t think it is possible to live with diabetes and never resent something about it. Whether it is not being able to eat your favorite food, having a fear of going too low and passing out or wondering if you will have some major complication from it someday. We all have something that we dislike about it whether we want to admit it or not.