"Your a little fat...Miss." (Just a mini pity party...sorry )

Before I play the victim... Happy New Year Everyone!

Awww....yes children. I was told I was a little fat today at work. (Heck I was even wearing my spanx too.) Well, the truth hurts...I know. That is still on my mind now...but that is not really bothering me because this afternoon I was doing my thing and BAM! I saw "glittering" lines go across my eyes for about a minute. My eyes have been blurry all Christmas break and even now. I don't wear glasses or even get my eyes checked normally. Losing my sight is what really freaks me out...I can deal with a limb but not my eyes. Now, back to the fat part...yes I know. I can see it everyday and my family reminds me everyday...so having a kid at work say it...just bugs me.I swear at least 3 out of the 4 closest people I know believe this is why I have diabetes. Plus, the fact green is not a colour I would normally eat..unless it was an M&M or a gummy. I had the dentist tell me that too right before all my wisdom teeth were removed. Best Diet ever!! 8 weeks of no chewing... ( Until you start to eat again..that is) I could live off "slim" shakes, yogurt and strange veggie mix powder drinks right...Sorry. My numbers have been everywhere and the more crap I eat the worse I feel. But, Chocolate still makes everything better...just not the BG's.

Wow.... I know the felling. I get that reminder almost every day when I climb under a house and I get that commit "your a little big to be going under there" and then its like crap he does fit, lol... according to the BMI I should be around 150lbs, im close to double that. In no way do I fell fat, its normal to me but I do yearn to loose weight (without movement would be great). In any case no matter what people say to you or about, I just stand back and say "fuck-em" just cause they live in a shallow world where they believe there opinion matters and I should care why? I guess I see the world a little different than normal people :)

I'd go to they eye doc *immediately*, ideally one who's seen/ imaged your eyes before and can compare them? There's a few people here who've had experience with various eye problems. My friend Beth Finke wrote a book called "Long Time No See" about her having lost her sight that's a good and pretty breezy read.

Does the guy live around here? I can go have a talk with him...

Oo I'll keep your protector persona in mind ar, never know :)

Hi Carly. I thought I'd mention that sometimes I see stars or rainbows and such when I'm hypoglycemic. I absolutely agree with AR that it's a good idea to see your eye doctor. Try to have normal BG numbers when you do see the doctor for the best results. Good luck.

Losing vision is a deep-seated fear of mine, too. When I was diagnosed, the first question I asked was how long until I'm blind? Though in a panic of getting bad news, I go to the retinologist annually. Big sigh of relief when it's over & that everything so far, knock on wood, is ok.

Please take care of yourself.

My son told me the other day that my hair was gray. It took me by surprise, since I really don't have much hair to begin with (and what I DO still have is still blond). But I was really surprised at the emotion it triggered inside of me; it made me feel like I was getting old. I never really cared about that stuff, and never cared about going gray - to me it's a rite of passage for those fortunate to live that long (with hair!!). But I was upset. So, I forced myself to brush it off and go on with life as I did before he said that, and after awhile I forgot all about it.

Kids talk a lot. They embellish everything, and they intend nothing. That big dog they saw...it's the size of an elephant. The rainbow in the sky...if they keep jumping they can reach it. It's not meant as an insult, and not even an honest observation. It's a perception by someone who hasn't perceived a whole lot in their short lives. Think nothing of it.

But do get those eyes checked... if you don't, you might not want to forgive yourself later.

Get to the eye doctor now, or sooner. No kidding. If you are developing complications waiting will not make it easier to deal with, believe me. This comes from someone who does have vision problems from diabetes. The only thing you can do about it by yourself is to control your BG. It is my main motivation to control this disease. BTW I still eat chocolate almost every day. Just not in massive quantities and only specific types. All chocolate is not created equal. But really, if your eyesight is important to you, control your BG, the weight is a different thing and probably will improve with a more D friendly diet.

Thanks Everyone for your support and links. Yes, my eyesight is still fuzzy but I have made a doctor’s appointment for next week. Right now I am working very hard to keep my BG in check. So far it is not going great…just thinking about breakfast makes my BG jump up tp 10.3. Well, I just wanted to give you a update and thank all of you for taking the time to read and comment.