Your Type 2 May Vary

"Your diabetes may vary" is a phrase often repeated on this site. For my title I chose to substitute "Type 2" for the word "Diabetes. I did this because type 2 is extremely variable. It has many forms requiring different levels of treatment.

I write this because someone complained to me that my last blog A type 2 Blog was depressing. He went on to explain that he controlled his D with diet and exercise. This gentleman also expressed that he finds that TuDiabetes is an insulin dependent site that does not express his views of diabetes.

I reject the notion that my previous blog was depressing, it was an honest explanation of how my life as a long term T2 has evolved. It was my way of saying I'm still alive and kicking even through all that diabetes has thrown my way.

I do agree with this gentleman that the views of T2 diabetics are not well represented here, especially those well controlled with diet and exercise. There are many among our numbers but they are often silent.

My challenge to this gentleman and to all the silent T2s is to let us know what your life as a T2 is like. Help us to understand your diabetes.

It will be interesting to see just how much Type 2 diabetes varies.

Gray, I am so happy you have decided to write. You make ongoing compelling remarks and I am so pleased you are blogging. Thank you for this and all that you do around these parts.....rick

Ditto on Rick, Gary. I didn't think your last blog was at all depressing. I've got to get ready for bed now (a depressingly long project since I am battling (still!) a nasty flare up of eczema. But I'll write something soon. After 7 years, I may be approaching the limits of my diet and exercise only control, but I can certainly write about what has worked until recently!.....

As to TuD being some kind of insulin-dependent website, well, this gentleman needs to roam around a bit more.

I might suggest, though, that for a lot of T2s who have been shamed by society into thinking it is all their fault for being stupid and lazy, writing honestly about The D would be very difficult!....Blessings all...More soon...xx000

Double Ditto on Judith's comments. i hope type 2's find the site very welcoming and not at all insulin centric. I believe that one of the factors that might be driving that view is that type 1's tend for some reason to be more vocal. This is is not limited to TUDiabetes.

I recently had some interaction with the Diabetes Forecast Editor and she asked If I knew type 2's who might like to write a reflection piece for the magazine. I had to admit I did not but she said if she got a reflections item it would go to the head of the line for consideration for publication in the magazine.

That interaction prompted my discussion post. I hope someone might step forward, Type 2's could use more voices, here and elsewhere.

I might be a T2 I am not sure. In the beginning for the first few months pill and exercise worked well but that was short lived. One can only run so much and gym so much in a day. I am noways overweight so just proves we all different and as far as I can see there is no typical and a whole heap of grey area between T1 and T2 that I think is not understood. Just me a guy that self medicates.

Triple Ditto on Judith and and Rick. Well said Bubba, well said.

Rick---What is a "reflection piece?".....

I'm controlled with diet, pills and exercise. Still just metformin, fairly low dose, but it has gone up from when I was first diagnosed. I battle with weight and insulin resistance. Sometimes I wish I was on insulin just to have some control over this beast in my life.

Oh my yes, Pastel. I have also had similar feelings from time to time. There is so little we can do when our numbers go haywire. But at the moment, my concern is my #s being higher than anytime since about 6 months after dx. Not consistently in the Danger Zone, but approaching it. And my physical activity is becoming more limited---that's my only option to bring them down and it is getting harder to exercise....Sigh....But at least I don't have to worry about scary Lows, which would be hard to sort out from the cognitive difficulties that can come with fibromyalgia.....Blessings and love.....Judith....

From someone who has really been on both sides of the aisle so to speak. Nine years ago I was incorrectly diagnosed as a type 2. During those 9 years I struggled to maintain and control my blood sugars. No matter what I did or the doctors did seemed to work. The last 3 years I was going down hill with my health. I was very discouraged. Back in the spring of this year I stumbled upon this site seeking information about why I was having a hard time with my diabetes. One thing led to another, until I found an endo that ran the test that none of my other doctors tested me for. The test confirmed that I was a brittle type 1. In many ways I can thank the efforts of the many authors on this site for the wealth of information that truly helped me in overcoming a bad situation.

In the meantime, I've joined several other diabetics groups on the web and on Facebook. The one thing that I read at times in some groups that really gripes my butt. Most type ones, not all, don't won't to be associated with type 2's. Especially in the name. But, basically all diabetics, now matter if you are a one or two have in common is that we have to "manually" control our blood sugar levels. Either with medications, external insulin or as simple as diet and exercise. Just like what Gary originally posted here. Diabetes has so many variables, one shoe doesn't fit all. But, we can learn from each other in dealing with this "enemy."

Yep, I am a newbie Type2 and your first blog laid out what often happens as far as I now for most type 2's! I have a good friend, she's a Nurse Practitioner at a good hospital in WASH D.C., she told me I can do EVERYTHING perfectly and diabetes (Type 2's included) can still turn around and bite us unexpectedly like a scorpion. She did give me hope by saying DO ALL YOU CAN to eat right, exercise and hold off on meds as long as possible (but again, beware of the Scorpion's bite).

Yes, me thinks on TUD (and other D sites) there are MORE Type 1 PWD's who are Pumpers, MDI'ers, what have you and guess what? When they're all chattering away at a fast pace I usually just sit back look, at the chatting, read and LEARN...because perhaps someday I may need to know this stuff!

I'd like to get checked again to make sure of which type I am, but currently I have other health issues and no time. I'm moving back to be closer to family. Luckily it's close to Los Angeles, were they will be more endos and specialists than the semi-remote area I currently reside in. If I find out I am type 1 I'll shout it from the rooftop...if not then *shrug8 it still sucks and I'll do my best to control without meds (and learn to make more flavorful meals and goodies!)

just my 2 cents

Well said, MrSilver. I feel the same way. One of the many important things I learned here is not to fear insulin when the time comes! I love to roam around here and often plug into T1 discussions, even if I just lurk. But on some subjects, like the emotional ups and downs, I will butt in to commiserate, because we always overlap in that zone.......And Tim---also well said. I would only suggest that "simple" isn't quite the right choice of words to describe a diet and exercise approach: living with the never-ending vigilance and sort of OCD focus on food!....Blessings on us all!

Sorry, Judith I was going to place quotes around "simple" to be sarcastic about diet and exercise. The re-edit period ended before I realized my error. When I was first diagnosed with the "D." I remember hearing a doctor saying to me "you can reverse your diabetes simply by diet and exercise." That made me feel like I wasn't doing enough for myself already. Before diagnoses I rode at least 100 miles in a weeks time on my mountain bike. And course after the ride I was hungry enough to eat boxes of Twinkies in one sitting. LOL! Well, in the long run diet and exercise along with a medications did not work out for me until I was placed on insulin.