Your worst diabetic experience?

This post is inspired by Gary, and the need to vent.

A few years ago, I was really down and out. A lot of stuff was going wrong for me. I managed to land a part-time job that I was actually interested in. On my first day, my boss asked me to run a package to the post office on my way to lunch. I was already very low before leaving the building. I'd slept on a bus the previous night, and a lot was running through my head. I had no money in my pocket. I went to the bank to try to get money for lunch, but couldn't remember my PIN# for the ATM. It was a hot day. I kept getting more sweaty, frustrated, and confused. I wandered around aimlessly for a while, trying to find the Post Office. I decided to take a taxi back to the office and ask my boss for a pay advance. I got in some random car that was stopped at a red light. The driver was yelling, but I fell asleep.

I woke up in a different neighborhood. Cops pulled me out of the car and started yelling at me. I showed them a diabetic ID card from my wallet. I tried to walk away, but they followed me. One of the cops was a woman. I tried to sweet talk her into letting me go. She wasn't amused. More cops came, and tried to take the package from me. Eventually, they wrestled me down and cuffed me. I blacked out completely. When I came to, I was in an ambulance. Hands still cuffed behind my back. An EMT was squeezing 2 tubes of glucose gel into my mouth. My head cleared. They took me to the hospital. I felt thankful, glad to be alive but a little worried about if I still had a job to go back to. They made me see a doctor, who took my blood pressure, and a finger stick. My BG was still very low, so I had to eat a hospital meal.

When I got back to the office, everyone was really understanding. The cops had brought the package back and explained what happend. I worked for an hour or so, and left with everyone else.

I got a bill for around $1700. I had to go back to the hospital to talk to some sort of financial counselor. I explained that I couldn't pay the bill, because I was only making S300 / week. They said they could only lower it if I made under $500 / month. My share of the rent was about that. She suggested that if I ever find myself in a similar situation, I ask them to take me to a county hospital, because they're cheaper. I did, but that's another story. I'm sure the bill went to collections, but by that point, I wasn't even answering my phone. I can't remember if I paid it off eventually or not. It was long enough ago that it probably doesn't matter. I'm not positive it this is really my absolute worst diabetic story, but it's up there, and the one that always seems to come to mind.

Yeah, Sam, that IS a terrifying story. So glad you are not in that type of financial shape now. Check your credit report if you wanto find out what happened to the bill..Maybe the hospital wrote it off and did not take it to collections. If it was over 7 years ago and you have not heard from a collection agency nor the hospital, it probably was written off. Have a marvelous day!!

God Bless,

U know there's been so many but right now I'll go with last Friday night. If u want to read my post about it. It's "a better 2 days I've had.............................." OK??

I have a few contenders, but one of the worst would have to be this:

I was student teaching and decided to stay in the classroom over lunch to get stuff set up for the afternoon. I tested at 4.8 (86 mg/dl), injected my Humalog, and started to eat while I set up. About five minutes later I started to feel low, so I drank a juice box. Ten minutes later I felt like I was about to pass out, so decided to re-test and found I was 1.8 (32 mg/dl)! This was 15 minutes after having been 4.8 (86 mg/dl) and 10 minutes after having had a 25g juice box!

I ate my entire lunch in the span of the next ten minutes and somehow made it down the hall to the staff room where I ate some Halloween candy. I didn't tell anyone what was going on because I was student teaching and was already dealing with the fact that many people thought I couldn't teach due to my vision, I didn't want to add diabetes to that as well. After half an hour of eating I was still only up to 3.0 (54 mg/dl). Luckily, by the time the lunch period was over (an hour after injecting) I was back in range.

Two and a half hours later I finally got a chance to duck into the bathroom (those who teach kids know what I'm talking about!) and tested because I felt horrible. I had shot up to 26.6 (479 mg/dl). At least that one I could correct and continue on without being worried I would pass out!

To this day I swear I somehow injected the Humalog directly into my bloodstream and had it act really rapidly. Then later on when my lunch hit an hour or so later, there was no insulin left over to deal with that and hence the high. Somehow I still managed to teach AND get a positive evaluation even with my blood sugar going crazy!

4 years ago when I was pregnant I was actually at the hospital getting my blood drawn for something the lady asked if I was ok and I mumbled yeah so she let me go and I'm walking back to the waiting room to get my boyfriend by then I could barely stand up and I was shaking. I didn't know what was going on at the time (it was my first time being really low!)I remember the receptionist asking if I was ok or if I needed something to eat and I said kinda pisses me off because you think they would have stopped me or something because I mean you could just tell something wasn't right..I was holding onto my boyfriend for dear life! Ofcourse my poor boyfriend has no clue whats going So then we got in the car and I made my boyfriend drive cuz I passed out until we got to a restaurant to eat some lunch and it was just horrible I couldn't even taste the food and I was confused so finally we made it home and I passed out on the bed again. An hour later I got a phone call saying you need to get back to the hospital right now and get induced because your blood sugar was 30 That is the lowest I have ever been and even after 4 years I still remember that was very scary not knowing what was going on at the I do know and I know what to do..

I'm in a better place now in every way. It was over 7 years ago. Come to think of it, a collections agency called me about that bill. They got too pushy, so I hung up on them. At the time, I had a pile of hospital bills and student loans. I knew a classmate that had a nervous breakdown due to a similar money situation and decided to avoid that by not caring about my credit. I'd usually throw out my mail without opening it. I live in NY, so you really don't need a house or a car or credit here, but I'm still glad that I don't live like that anymore.

The last one always feels like the worst.

Tooo true! Always huh?? LOL!

I lost an extremely lucrative career with a major production company because I kept getting wounds from standing on my feet that wouldn’t heal, and then last year sustained brain damage when I had a low in my sleep. Did I mention I’m stuck at home because I’m too blind too drive…ahh, the life of a 32 year T1.

I'm trying not to respond to anyone individually, because I was hoping for stories, rather than a discussion. Some of these are pretty heart-wrenching.

Hmmm, waking up naked in the bathroom covered in cranberry juice, driving MrsAcidRock's car over the wall of a parking garage, telling the cops I was on angel dust and going "ha ha, just kidding, it's probably low blood sugar..." after seeing their eyes light up about "angel dust", pounding my head on a concrete floor...

Not sure if this is my worst but it happened just a few weeks ago. My husband and I were on vacation and I just found out a few days prior that I am pregnant. My hormones were out of control and I could not get a normal Bg. My bgs ranged from 250- 29. I haven’t had a super low Bg in years, usually by 65 I have some indication of a low. I was so out of it I had blurry vision and I felt hot and sweaty. My husband told me to check my Bg and sure enough 29. I was so confused and did not know what to do. Thank God for my husband because he tried shoving half a banana down my throat but I was so confused. Considering my sugar was so low, I had great aim and hit my husband in the back of the head with the banana. I finally managed to eat a granola bar and had some juice. Poor hubby, he was so patient with me.

I have had one low hypo-seizure that I know of ( or as reported to me).
this happend over a decade ago. I was on MDI with Humalog and Lantus at the time. I BIG pre-bolussed for breakfast at Mickey d's, ate it, then threw it up an hour later. The nausea and vomiting, I found out later, was an undesired side effect of a blood-pressure med that I was taking.

I was feeling light headed, but I drove to a friends house, a close girlfriend, I called her on my cell and said I would be coming to her house, because I was sick.. I pulled in her driveway and never made it in the house.

All I can remember is sweating and shaking in the driver's seat. She tried to help me into her home, I could not speak to her and tell her what had happened. I was too weak to get up and walk to her door. She was not getting any verbal responses that she could figure out from me, she said ( I have NO idea what I said).

I remember her shoving me into the passenger side of my own car, and driving me to the hospital, very fast, on the freeway. I remember very little of the drive. I remember she shouted to the attendants at the drive-up part of the ER "She's a diabetic!!!!" The attendants pushd me into a wheelchair. I must have blacked out then, as I have NO RECOLLECTION of anything they did or said to me while i was in the chair. My friend said I started shakiing, my eyes rolled back in my head, and I was seizuring. It was very frightening to her, she thought I was dying..

.Next thing I knew I was staring at the hospital staff while strapped to a guerney with a saline and glucose drip in my arm.
. I remember being very cold and wet from the perspiration.

I began screaming at the top of my lungs. My brain was so confused. I kept screaming and moaning, quite loudly:Break your eardrums, rock concert, tractor-pull loud...Finally the head nurse in charge came over and asked me, "Are you hurting anywhere?' I said "No". She asked Are you scared?" I said, "A little." She said,Well you don't have to be.. your blood sugar was 16 when they brought you in, but now you are at 65.. so you will be alright". I said "Ok".Then I started to scream again!( I do not know why: It just kind of felt like a wonderful release to scream. It didn't really feel like it was me screaming, but some character in a strange Tim Burton movie that I was watching ( I may go see "Dark Shadows" tomorrow). The head nurse came over again, and told me, rather tersely and harshly, "Just be quiet!! You are scaring the other patients. You are going to be ok and we will send you home soon if you will just be quiet!!" I replied "Sure"...

Eventually my blood glucose rose to about 90, but they still made me eat that tasteless hospital meal of plastic mashed potatos and unknown smothered with gravy cut of beef. I was there for may be 2 more hours.. I was so embarassed when I walked out of the ER and had to see the staff that had treated me..They were notat all upset, friendly and laughing, even. about the 'Screaming diabetic". (Wasn't there a low-budget 70's horror movie with Vincent Price titeledd "Scream, Scream , and Scream Again"?) The head nurse even told me she was rough in order to shake me back into reality.. and it did work.
That was close to my worse diabetic experience, but I can remember a few others. I am not particularly fond of recanting the bad stuff: Scary hypos have been, thanks be to God, few and far between.. Yet, I learned from all of them, suffice to say.

God Bless,

OMG the seizures! Totally forgot them but ur comment brought them all nack (what I can remember of them anyway)I can hear u so well on that. Problem is............ mine have been within the last 6 months. Nope soooo don't remember anything about them. My hubby tells me after I have them.........He's been good during the, and now knows wjat to do during them/ I usually will start that after I fall below 21

Hi Doris. I've been reading about the Revel, so my info is totally second hand. I understand there is an automatic turn off when you go low when you program it to do so. Perhaps you should look into this upgrade? It just might save you from going so awfully low. Perhaps your doctor could help you get the process moving if you tell him/her about these seizures.
Best luck.

THANK U!! He knows about them and has for years but I'll talk to the MM rep about it. THANK U AGAIN

I use the Revel. There is an Auto Off. You need to activate it, though. The factory default has it disabled.

Thank U I'll defantaltly tell her about it sounds like a good idea to me.

That was 3 different ones though! LOL...