Protein shakes?

Hey guys!
I am looking for a protein shake that would be good with soy milk in it, not too many carbs either but lots of protein for breakfasts in the morning :slight_smile:
If you have any reccomendations that would be great!
Thank you!
Mariah :slight_smile:

I make my own. It’s important that you get the regular (unsweetened) version of soy milk as that will cut out about 20-30g of CHO. I use frozen berries and fruits that I’ve put up on my own so there’s no added sugar there and then I add dark chocolate chips and then the protein powder. I’m lactose intolerant so it’s important to read the ingredient list on the protein powder as most contain milk products. Here’s my “recipe”:

1/2 cup of soy milk
1/2 frozen berries
1 banana
3 scoops of protein powder
1 teaspoon of dark chocolate
1/2 cup of ice

And blend! :slight_smile:

There are many sources of protein shakes that you can mix with your choice of liquid. I buy my protein powder at costco, 6lbs for like $40. It is 25g protein per serving and just a couple grams of carbs. Even if you are lactose intolerant, you may not have a problem with whey protein shakes, they are almost virtually free of lactose. If you are really sensitive, then you can turn to other sources of protein, casein, hemp, etc. I try to avoid too much soy, it is associated with thyroid problems.

Hey, I like the rice protien shake. its like 20g of protien, and like 5 carbs for 2 tbsp available at whole foods

The brand “Dymatize” has excellent flavors. They have several lines of protein powder, each with different carb counts and such. I’ve tried different ones and they are all excellent. It runs about $43 at the local nutrition store for a 6lb tub, but I’m sure you can find them cheaper online. They taste good, even when mixed with just water. I like the chocolate (blended with a bit of peanut butter) and the strawberry flavors - the cookies and cream and banana cream are also winners.

We use the 6 pound bag from Costco , too. We usually mix it with light soy milk, light coconut milk of unsweet almond milk, some flaxseed, a few frozen berries, cinnamon. My husband eats more carbs so he puts in some yogurt. I mix everything up in a Magic Bullet. You can also make smoothies with green veggies.

Optimum Nutrition Raspberry Smoothie Casein with ON Stawberry Whey Protein with 1 cup of vanilla soy milk and 1 cup of water is AWESOME. You will need a blender or shaker cup because the soy doesn’t mix super well with the casein protein. This will give you 60 g protein and 10-12 g carbs. Half scoops of everything with 1/2 cup milk and water each will cut everything by half obviously. I have one of these every morning, after I work out and before I go to bed.

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile: there are some awesome ideas for me here :slight_smile: I will be sure to try these :slight_smile: Thanks again!

Do liquid shakes bother anyone's blood sugars?

Wanted to ask the same-ish: are protein got from powder faster as regards digestion and BS than proteins from food?

I use two different types of shakes daily. One is Atkins brand, and the other is EAS Advantedge. Each of these has about 3 carbs and neither spike me at all. They are actually pretty filling and taste good. The Atkins is a little creamier. The EAS (one i drink the most) tastes like a watery Yoohoo. I also bought EAS Carb Control Chocolate Whey powder and mix it with water. This is not so good, but palatable. Would probably taste better with milk, but I am trying to cut the carbs out.

im laughing at my self here, because i wanted to get something off of my chest and went on a rrrrrant for a few lines here. but its loving, and thers a good recipe herei think youll like. im actually writing a book called "vegan paleo," which is a no carb guide to veganism especially for t1d's

anyway, the rrrrrrrant was, "i wont call this a good protein shake"..because i think that protein is a misnomer, that mostly what people are after is nourishing foods and protein is irrelevant. soy for example has lots of protein, but is also rich in trypsin inhibitors thta inhibit the absorption of protein (hence the traditional use of fermenting soy, to break them down). further when we do testing, protein needs usually come from having stronger absorption, so protein desirers should be taking gastric acid supplements, 3000 not protein grams. boxd non milk milks are incredibly high in sodium as well, and often have the colitis autoimmunity inducing carrageenan. so i put ingredients for saving money and making your own with a handful of nuts below.

vegan no carb version:

- unsweetened soy milk or hand made nut milk (below) or (if you want more calories / food, so you're not hungry all day) canned coconut milk and water
- 2 tbs almond butter or handful of almonds
- another handful of nuts or seeds (pref walnuts or pecans) depending on how much food you can eat - this shake will be as filling as a meal if you add enough food sources
- 1 tbs hemp seeds (rich vanadium source, upregulates insulin)
- 2 tsp ground flax seeds (or mix flax with chia)
- 1/2 tsp unsweetened chocolate powder / raw cacao
- cinamon to taste
- vanilla to taste (whole bean extract preferred rather than artificial fake vanila)

other options:
instead of cinnamon, add green powder like "wholeganic greens"

to make a nut milk:
take a handful of nuts (i like hemp, almonds, pecans)
a quart of water
blend and strain

if you wnat it stronger, add more nuts
that's all

I am not a type 1 ,but do have concerns of females using large amounts of soy due to the effect of phytoestrogens . Maybe someone is more knowledgable than I can comment on this issue. Nancy

the phytoestrogen concern is less valid than some want to admit, and there's not a lot of agreement as to whether soy phytoestrogens are bad for everybody (with testing , though, we can find out.. and in generally, testing shows that 1/3 of people have a mild to moderate issue with soy, and that people should not eat soy daily - this might have something as well to do with goitrogens, trypsin inhibitors, or just the nature of the food, which was never traditionally eaten this way).

other foods with high doses of phytoestrogens are flax, tea tree..

it is not good to take in too many phytoestrogens, some suggest, because they can disrupt your own estrogen metabolism, by filling in estrogen receptors with fake estrogens and cuasing your body to respond as if there was more estrogen around
high estrogen levels connected with cysts, fibrosis, breast cancers, uterine cancers etc

but other holistic health doctors (contentiously) like michael murray and dr weil recommend taking in the soy phytoestrogens, so the receptors are filled and there is less room for xeno estrogens, the real issue here, orders of magnitudes more important

xeno estrogens, every time you drink from bottled drinks in plastic (not just water of course), soup cans (lined with plastics), take birth control or HRT, etc, you are exposing yourself to chemical estrogens. drs. klinghardt and omura focus on the xeno estrogens as the bigger issue, and that seems to be closer to the truth.

areas with high amounts of chemical estrogens in the water (ie from birth control still in the urine, which is still in the water because it is to small to filter), were finding salmon becoming hermaphrodites, alligators with penises too small to reproduce, etc.

i do chemical toxicity testing as part of my business, so its something ive looked into extensively

I use "show me the whey" with coconut milk and berries.

I have kidney disease, so I have low protein levels and I have to consume 1g protein for every kg I weigh. That means 60g protein/day. I have little appetite, so I was having trouble getting this much protein. My kidney doc said whey protein and eggs are the most easily absorbed protein.

My look at the history and scientific literature of soy leaves me concerned enough that I try to minimize my intake of soy, and the soy that is in my diet only comes from fermented sources. And make no mistake, soy today is not a good whole food source, it never was. The genetic modifications have resulted in soy being really bad for consumption in whole form and it is only through processing that it is acceptable at all. In my view, that does not make for a good food source. If you want to follow a vegan diet and believe that soy is safe, that is your choice.