1st step for "ME" is my inner health

First of all, it really blesses my soul and puts my heart at ease to hear all the kind words sent to me on my return. Sometimes it is difficult for one to realize how much friends really mean until you hear them and sometimes take a slice from that “humble pie”. I have the most impressive support from my wife BUT to have it from dear friends from the many miles apart that we are, means more than than we can sometimes express.

As for the 1st step, I have just joined a new gym that opened up in the North Texas area. It is called Just Fitness 4U. It only cost $10 dollars a month and they have everything a large gym has except for a swimming pool. Which I would use since I dont want everyone to see me as a beached whale. I have to start taking care of my health TODAY, even if I am 47 years too late. I have even, in the last 24 hours, signed up and registered for the Dallas 2011 StepOut Diabetes Walk. That way I can make myself workout , strive for a great goal and raise money for this wonderful cause. I will email you the direct link to anyone that wishes to help support/donate with me on this new journey of mine.

I feel good knowing I am starting my life over.

Wow, its as if your started a New Yr:) hehe, but cits wonderful to read your dreams, just keep following them, and it is never ever to late to start anything:) your rewards for your strong will to change will be awared in good health:) and much happiness:)

It sure feels good to read this, I am Happy:) for you:) I feel Happy to:) Debbie

Hi Jeffrey :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that you were going through rough times. I just thought that you were busy with Life in general. That is such a Good move that you are making with your 1st Step. You’re only 47. Still a young Man with lots of years ahead of you It doesn’t matter how old a Person is anyways. Starting something interesting, Fun and Good health-wise can only help. Preferrably letting your Dr. know that you are taking up new physical activities. You may meet a new Friend or 2 during your gym visits or on the Walk. Good for you and Good Luck.

You know our Dear Richard who is 71 just started going to a gym about 3 months ago. He seems to be enjoying it. :slight_smile:

hey Jeffrey, why don’t you add the Walk to our events (which now can be found under Resources)