10 reasons why you should start a diabetes blog this November

  1. Because the fun of blogging can help you counter the ups-and-downs of diabetes.
  2. Because other members in TuDiabetes will comment on your post and you can learn from others.
  3. Because what has worked (or hasn’t worked for you) may help others too.
  4. Because it is great (and cheap) therapy: once you get it “out there” it’s no longer stuck in your chest.
  5. Because it will help you make more friends on TuDiabetes.
  6. Because thousands others touched by diabetes will get a chance to read your posts.
  7. Because it is a good way to come out of the “diabetes closet”… at your own pace.
  8. Because when you write you think more about the things you are saying… so you learn from yourself.
  9. Because you are not alone and when you write about your life with diabetes, others may realize it too.

And most important:

  1. Because November 14 is World Diabetes Day.

How to start your TuDiabetes blog? Easy! * Either click on the Blogs link at the top of the page and then click on the Add a Blog Post link below About Us. * Or click on the Quick Add dropdown menu on the right of the page and select Blog post from the options that appear.

well put manny

Err… I knew someone would notice the size of my Inbox! :slight_smile:

Many times I reply to people on their member pages. Other times, I am cc:d on messages along with a ton of other people, so I read it in my email but don’t click on it in my Inbox. :wink:

Hey, Manny! You are right about blogging. Since being here for over two yrs I’ve been able to master my writings and all from life experience, also from the heart.

Yes, alot of therapy in blogging. I will be taking my writings further, to write a book. Thanks, Manny! I mastered my writings here and will forever be grateful.

I blog and I love it. Even if no one ever reads it, it’s extremely therapeutic to just get the words out.