11.6 to 5.3

I just got my 2nd a1c result; after 4 months I’ve gone from 11.6 (at diagnosis) to 5.3. But don’t congratulate me; this post isn’t about me.

My a1c is all thanks to everyone here and on the Bernstein forum. Who knows what my numbers would be like if I stuck with the ADA’s exchange system first recommended to me. It’s been great having such good advice around.

Thanks to everyone putting up good information for others to learn from. Take care everybody.

Awesome news!!! Good for you :slight_smile: You deserve the credit for being so proactive!

My patients diabetes control got better since I joined.It is a great inspiring community.Congratulations.

I really appreciate that all members are trying their best to share their knowledge. It is great to hear that this exchange has helped you to improve your A1c dramatically. Applause!