Happy diabetic

I got diagnosed January 9th, 2012. My a1c was 15.6 at diagnosis. Apart from peeing all the time and drinking a lot water plus losing weight, I felt fine with an a1c that high.

I am a happy diabetic and my two follow up visits after diagnosis were great. My first a1c was 6.0 and on my second visit my a1c was 5.4

I am happy to be in control and don't mind being a type 1 diabetic. If the good Lord lets me, I plan to live a full, healthy life and this condition is not gonna stop me. Blessings to all and good luck. Just keep pushing......

great attitude! nice to see some positivity. and good for you for adjusting and accepting your diagnosis, it takes most people alot longer if ever. keep shining brightly! amy

Impressive! Good work and keep at it.

Thanks guys it's been good. It was a major shock when I got diagnosed as I had always been active and a healthy guy. But I'm 24 years old now and I already had fun being a kid and a teenager and eating whatever I wanted to whenever. All it takes is a little discipline and life is still good


good for you! what a fabulous attitude! its all a bit harder with D but i have to say, ive never eaten healthier in my life. i try to joke about it as much as i can to make it easier. welcome!!

good to hear your great story, congratulation in getting a hold of it, its nice to hear people having a good life with it, it was a big shock for me, but with exercise and changing my diet, iam a more happier person also. i had a few hic ups but i got back on track, i feel healthier now than years ago.

Wow, how in the world did you manage a 5.4 A1C so soon after diagnosis? I've been diabetic for 11 years and I've never gotten that low even though I'm very well controlled.

Awesome job!

Thanks bro

came across this today while perusing on line---- inspiring for me on a day i really needed it.

glad I could help. A little motivation goes a long way......